0 Concrete Blocks For Subway Construction

Concrete Blocks For Subway Construction

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Pokrov Plant of Concrete Goods produces concrete goods for Mosmetrostroy, a subway-building company, industrial engineering and housing construction.

The company was founded on May 1st, 1970 and in 2009 it was purchased by Mosmetrostroy. The plant today features up-to-date equipment to produce high quality concrete tunnel blocks of 5 types.

Let’s visit its carousel line first. The carousel line produces concrete blocks of three types.

This is where they make reinforcing cages for their concrete blocks.

Reinforcing cages.

Then each reinforcing cage goes into a special chamber to be filled with concrete.

A vibration stand.

They use scrapers to manually shape the surface of each block.

Then it goes into a curing pit.


Dismantling the block.

The block is almost completed.

After that, the block goes into their quality department.


This machine turns the block over.

This is where they store their concrete blocks. Before that, they separate blocks from each other with rubber washers and cover their sides with some substance.

This conveyer-type line produces two types of concrete blocks for civil engineering.

Finished produce.

Guest workers from Central Asia make up 30% of the staff.

A local cat.

Workers of the company make about $1,000 a month which is twice as much as average wages in the region.

Location: Pokrov

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