1 New Planetarium Opens In Novosibirsk

New Planetarium Opens In Novosibirsk

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This astrophysical center of Novosibirsk is the largest planetarium in Siberia and the forth largest planetarium in Russia. It includes two astrophysical towers where they are going to install telescopes shortly (including a solar one), a Foucault tower and a TV studio. The planetarium opened in 2012.

Construction works started in April, 2011.

The planetarium’s total area is 2,500 m2. The territory in front of the building is designed as a park featuring astronomic elements such as planets, asteroids and komets.

The astrophysical center has been designed by architects I. Popovsky and L. Sikoruk.

They wanted to make it look like a space ship that had just landed in Novosibirsk.

This Foucault tower is 15 meters tall.

Inside the tower is a 15-meter long pendulum intended to demonstrate rotation of the Earth.

A sun-clock.

The building includes two floors. The main floor features a cloakroom, a TV studio and other administrative rooms, while on the second floor you will find a hall seating 120 persons and a cafe.

Visitors of the planetarium will be met by this compass showing exact coordinates.

The second floor.

The lobby on the main floor.

The “Star Hall” is equipped with a screen of 16 meters in diameter and BARCO digital projectors allowing to create presence effect while showing pictures send from the satellites online.

The cafe.

An extension ladder.

There are 20 planetariums is Russia but the one in Novosibirsk is the only one boasting its status of also being an institution of supplementary education.

Location: Novosibirsk

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  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Russia builds this (a testament to the secularism of the Soviets); in the U.S. they build mega-churches (a testament to superstition and ignorance) and prisons.

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