0 The Triumphal Arch Of Moscow

The Triumphal Arch Of Moscow

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The Triumphal Arch of Moscow was built in 1829-1834 on Tverskaya Gate Square to Joseph Bove’s designs in order to commemorate Russia’s victory over Napoleon.

The arch had been under construction for about 5 years and then an opening ceremony took place.

In 1936, the arch was dismantled as part of Joseph Stalin’s reconstruction of downtown Moscow.

The photograph above was taken in 1940.

They decided to build the arch over again in the middle of Kutuzov Avenue, close to the Victory Park in 1966.

Assembling the Chariot of Glory on top of the arch.

The arch was examined in 2008-2010. Its condition was identified as unsatisfactory.

It is currently under reconstruction.

They are going to dismantle the quadriga and remove substances from its surface which destroy cast iron.

The quadriga have become rusty all over.

They plan to complete the reconstruction of the arch by August, 2012.

The Victory Park.

Kutuzov Avenue.

Location: Moscow

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