9 Soviet Epoch In Photos by Mark Markov-Grinberg

Soviet Epoch In Photos by Mark Markov-Grinberg

Posted on March 13, 2012 by kulichik

On February 28 a unique retrospective exhibition presented by the photographer Mark Markov-Grinberg (1907-2006) opened in the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. It represents over 150 photos made during the Soviet epoch.


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9 Responses to “Soviet Epoch In Photos by Mark Markov-Grinberg”

  1. IamI says:

    Wow – why tits were not covered this time? ;)

  2. er says:

    smiling andhappy – not like ugly angry americans at their propaganda photographs thet time

    • SMERSH says:

      You realize these ARE staged propaganda pictures, right?

      • annx says:

        No, do not lie, these pictures are GENUINE. I have 100s of family photos from those times, and every one looks happy–my family photos are staged too I guess? We worked hard for what we had. Do not spread misinformation about something you have NO clue about.

  3. Fred says:

    Something about a pretty country girl and sheaf of wheat. Love it.

  4. lbytesxk says:

    LOL at the unibrow in the 4th picture from the bottom

  5. anx says:

    Back, when people had meaning in their life, other than drugs and idiotic “fun”. You can’t fake that sparkle in the eyes.

  6. Madak says:

    More revisionist history lessons. Everyone was so happy that they decided to overthrow their government, eh? Good luck with your dreams and lies about how good it was in the old days.

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