24 Life in Russia How It Was In The 90s

Life in Russia How It Was In The 90s

Posted on March 13, 2012 by kulichik

Let’s look back at the time that ceased to exist and is history now.

Collision of Communists with Police and Internal Forces, Moscow, 1 May 1993.

Boris Yeltsin during his visit to Germany, May 1994.


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24 Responses to “Life in Russia How It Was In The 90s”

  1. Viggen says:

    Things are improving a great deal in Russia, the middle class (and still supportive of Putin contrary to the western news reports) is growing as fast as it did in the US in the mid 50s when the US still made things and saved. That’s the way democracy goes. It’s far from being perfect in the West, although are are too much preoccupied with teaching democracy to others

    Presidential elections in Western democracies exclude democracy

    • historian says:

      No that is just wrong, the middle that only exists in the citys supported Porkhorov. Although its very stupid to support someone, who want to introduce neoliberalism. The supportes of Putin are pensioners, low class people and the top 10%, the elite.

    • George Johnson says:

      We don’t have a democracy.
      We’re supposed to have a representative republic. Which has been “infiltrated” (for lack of a better word) by radical liberal marxist intent on destroying what we DO have. obama the lawless is a prime example of what has been happening to America for the last 70 years. (his thinking, his attitude, his actions, etc… not him exactly. He is just an example of the thinking, the actions).

      Another part of the problem is the people are weak. They swoon after being offered sweets as bribes to elect people. They have no stomach any more to fight for what’s right (again, look at the obama regime, no investigations, no nothing, he’s running wild, crapping on the Constitution).

      The radical liberals have “infiltrated” the school system, and are pushing harmful agendas on the children, starting at a very early age. Again, no investigations. They whine that little Johnny can’t read, but they refuse to look into WHY he can’t read, and just throw more money at it. Little Johnny can’t read, because the teachers are busy indoctrinating him with marxism instead of teaching him to read. Then when he can’t get a job because he can’t read, they all whine that it’s the fault of the rich people. The rich people? Who’s been controlling everything for the last 70/80 years? The liberal “working class”.

      Lying politicians, and a weak people that have lost their will to fight. THAT is our problem.

  2. IamI says:

    Cars have changed. Anything more?

  3. Chadna says:

    HA! No Black boxes this time!!!

  4. BlowME says:

    Boobs not covered on the dancer lol…

  5. al says:

    Presidential elections in Western democracies exclude democracy

    I love you, Russia, but Western democracies don’t rig their laws and constitutions to allow one man to serve indefinite terms as supreme leader, whether that’s as president or prime minister behind the throne.

    The US, for example, limits Presidents to two terms. What you’re allowing Putin to do is contrary to democracy, actually.

    Which we’ll forgive, since you only have 20 years experience in a kinda, sorta democracy, instead of 236 years in actual democracy.

    • moo says:

      The thing is al is the majority of people want Putin to serve more terms, that means democracy is occurring. Will of the people and so on.. but I guess people in America don’t know what will of the people means anymore since politicians are mostly sponsored by large corporate money.

    • ayaa says:

      This is hilarious. So the US runs the whole world, and has the final say in everything?!!

      Atleast, in Russia, the President is elected directly. In the US, with its 236 years of experience of “actual” democracy, there is the so-called electoral college. Now, whats more democratic?

      And besides, I thought democracy was about what the people want. I guess it should actually be read as what the US wants?!! Preposterous.

    • BlowME says:

      The problem is in Ameriaca there is just an illusion of choice, just like with the foods in the market, different brands, different packaging but in the end its the same product… same with politics, you think you have a choice but no matter who you pick it will be the same… you will have crisises and you will go to wars… your “actual” democracy is an illusion… U.S. is the land of illusions, or should I say delusion….

  6. George Johnson says:

    That’s two more past the censor, I wonder what’s up? Nudity OK as long as the body is painted with stalin?

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    Devolution, not evolution.

  8. Fred says:

    Zhirinovsky is actually Jewish.

  9. lbytesxk says:

    Convicted people being arrested? How does that work in the great nation of Russia? You get convicted before any trial takes place? Sounds like a nice place
    Also ROFL at the women selling fish in fur coats, are you people serious?

    • ayaa says:

      Hmm, what about all the people held without trial in Guantanamo and other US prison facilities?!!

      Besides, have you never heard of people being convicted in absence?!

    • ayaa says:

      What about all the people held without trial at Guantanamo and other US prisons around the world?!

      Besides, have you never heard of people being convicted in their absence?!

      Plus, whats wrong with people trying to make ends meet?!!

  10. javox says:

    yup…everyone know that who take the direction in USA is not the president, is the military head…if not ask to JFK coz he didnt want to go to vietnam…oh wait…he is dead…someone “killed” him….my god

  11. Pal says:

    I follow the Moskva.
    Down to Gorky park,
    Listening to the wind of change…

  12. Boris says:

    Lol, people arguing about the social situation in their countries, when in my country there is a 80% of people living under the poverty, like a 2% high wealth and the other is a small porcent of middle class and just poor people, and not to mention highst prices on electricity, gas, food, etc, highest corruption on every sides… state and police, military extreme drug dealing, a disaster… you guys are very well…

  13. gaurav says:

    Moscowl of 90,s was about hope and despair.there was longing for the olden times and hope for the future.there were long question everywhre .I remember standing in ques to mcdonalds,pizza hut for hour yet even as a foriegner I felt safe ,the people so warm and freindly now whrn I hear of russian neon nazis ,crime ,racism I can hardly beliEve it.racism in russia??I stood in lines in prodykti chatting with strangers in -10 C.

  14. omg says:

    Russians cannot take criticism at all, can they?

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