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I Am A Father

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They speak a lot about women in early spring highlighting their contribution into family relations and bringing up children forgetting about men and their role in this. Let’s ask some men what it means for them to be a father.

Nargiz, 28, and his 8-month-old son.

Being a father for me is holding my son in my arms and trying to improve myself to be a good example for him.

Nurlybek, 29, and his son, 3, and daughter, 1.

To be a father means to be a friend and a person to rely on. It feels incredible when you hear your child say “dad”. It inspires you and gives you energy to do what you have to do.

Timur, 28, and his 5-month-old son.

To be a father is more difficult than being a mother because mothers have instincts that tell them what to do, while fathers have to learn everything on their own. Nevertheless, becoming a father is the most important event in your life.

Sayan, 29, and his 8-month-old son.

Being a father is both happiness and responsibility. Your kid changes your world and your priorities.It is amazing to watch my son grow up and acquire certain habits and traits of character. I want to thank my wife for my son.

Arman, 33, his 9-year old and 3-year old sons and his daughter who is just 6 months old.

Being a father is beyond all limits. It is a stream of emotions and constant desire to make it better. It is a mix of gentleness, responsibility and pride for your offsprings. Because our kids are the purpose of our life.

Aidyn, 28, and his 4-year old and one-year old sons.

To be a father is pure happiness for me. I know how important it is for little boys to have a father who would be their example of courage, strength and responsibility. I hope I will always be with them.

Askhat, 29 and his daughter Alfina who was born just two months ago.

Being a father for me is love, tenderness and care. I’d lived for myself until my daughter was born. It changed everything. I’m happy when I see her smiling, weeping, yawning or just looking at me.

Adil, 31, with his son, 4, and daughter, 1.

I’m responsible for their future. They are my happiness.

Baurzhan, 30, with his 9-month-old son.

I can’t say my life changed greatly after I became a father. Now I just pay attention to things I’ve never noticed before, like safety, pollution…Naturally, I think more about future, including that of my son. And what’s most important, I became happier.


Dmitry, 28, and his daughters of 3 years and 4 months of age.

To be a father for me is to be in love. To be loved and to be with people loving you. It means for me looking forward to seeing them again to give and receive that love you missed. Being a father means being eternally happy.

Denis, 32, and his sons aged 6 and 1.

It is difficult to be a father with all those sleepless nights after which you have to go to work and return home tired and devastated. But when you enter your apartment and see your kids running around happy that you come, you understand that all your efforts are worth this very moment. I’m happy to have two sons and plan to became a father of a girl too.

Ruslan, 40, with his 2-year-old daughter.

It’s hard but beautiful.

Kirill and his one-year old daughter.

Being a father implies bearing responsibility. It is your love, care and attention that will influence your child and make him/her the person he/she will be in future. It is my duty to give it all to my daughter.

Miras, 26, and his 2-month-old daughter.

I’ve always loved children and wanted to have kids. I thought I always wanted to have a son but when I learnt it was going to be a girl I was as happy. It was so touching when I first took her in my arms and I almost cryied of happiness. These are feelings that are hard to explain. You have to feel it. Every day I hurry up home after work to see my wife and my daughter again.

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