1 I Am A Father

I Am A Father

Posted on March 13, 2012 by

Timur, 28, and his 5-month-old son.

To be a father is more difficult than being a mother because mothers have instincts that tell them what to do, while fathers have to learn everything on their own. Nevertheless, becoming a father is the most important event in your life.

Sayan, 29, and his 8-month-old son.

Being a father is both happiness and responsibility. Your kid changes your world and your priorities.It is amazing to watch my son grow up and acquire certain habits and traits of character. I want to thank my wife for my son.

Arman, 33, his 9-year old and 3-year old sons and his daughter who is just 6 months old.

Being a father is beyond all limits. It is a stream of emotions and constant desire to make it better. It is a mix of gentleness, responsibility and pride for your offsprings. Because our kids are the purpose of our life.


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