6 How Dogs Serve In the Army

How Dogs Serve In the Army

Posted on March 13, 2012 by team

The place we are going to is not far from Dmitrov, it’s the methodical and cynological centre #470 and the military nursery “Red Star”.

Sheep dogs are probably the most popular in the army. Here, in the nursery that opened in 1924, the dogs get training, serve in hot points, stand guard over the border, look for mines.

Let’s start from the museum

At war dogs not only assisted soldiers but blew up tanks. Unfortunately they were trained as kamikaze dogs. But war is always war, and human life is more valuable. Various cunning methods were used to train such selflessness. First of all the dog was trained to know that there’s food under a tank. Then food was put under a working tank in order the dog got used to its noise. Further the task became more complicated and the dog with explosives attached was sent under the moving vehicle…

Such sledges and gurneys were used to remove the injured with help of dogs away from a battlefield. In such a way they saved more than 700 000 soldiers during the war. Then the gurneys were loaded with ammunition and the dogs were sent back.

Syringe for dogs insemination

Here was another stand, devoted to pigeons this time.

Victor Cherevichkin – a Soviet teenager from Rostov-on-Don was killed by German invaders for his refusal to kill his pigeons. Germans forbade to keep pigeons to exclude information leakage.

Brains and eyes of a pigeon

Sugar bowl from Zhukovsky

At each building there is a special device for shoes cleaning. In winter soldiers wear valenki, by the way.


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6 Responses to “How Dogs Serve In the Army”

  1. Testicules says:

    This place looks just like the dog park in my town. Except for all the snow though. We have one on the beach where you might be able to have the dogs pull a sled through the beach sand. It is good to have dogs in the military. If the soldiers ever run out of food they can eat the dogs.

  2. Pedro says:

    How they used dogs in wwII: they trained the dogs to find food below tanks and other vehicles.
    Then when confronted by enemies they would attach a mine to the dog and then release them. They would go after the “food” and then they exploded. That had some problems because the dogs also searched for food in friendly vehicles, epic fail. Then they started using remote detonation explosives to avoid this.
    Way to go to appreciate men best friend…

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