23 Soviet Youth By Bill Eppridge, Part II

Soviet Youth By Bill Eppridge, Part II

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Enjoy some photographs picturing Soviet young people taken by LIFE photo reporter Bill Eppridge during his visit to the Soviet Union in 1967. The first part is here.


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23 Responses to “Soviet Youth By Bill Eppridge, Part II”

  1. Mike says:

    When I look at these pictures it seems as though there was a time when communism actually did work. I have to believe that this photographer was controlled as to what and where he could take pictures though. Reminds me of typical family / public scence photos from the U.S. during the same period.

    • BlowME says:

      It still amazez me how americans still think/thought people lived in soviet times in some gulags and were miserable… But they lived exactly like it shown in these photos. You want to see the “true communism” image as seen form perspective of western propaganda then look at North Korea….. it is exactly like americans think how living under communism is like…

      • Hirsh says:

        It still amazes me that Russians think we believe bears roam the streets of Moscow and silly stuff like that. We didn’t need to believe your lives were miserable to know your government was corrupt and evil and a threat to our happiness and well being. The fact ordinary Russians could find moments of happiness under such adversity is irrelevant.

        • ayaa says:

          Tell me, how exactly was the Soviet government corrupt and evil?

          Whatever you say can now be applied to your beloved American government too.

          In other words, you are hardly in a position to lecture others about moral standards.

    • er says:

      I have to believe that all western internet-userswas controlled as to what and where they could write. they are allowed to write only when their messages have code words like- communism, Russia is bad, etc.

  2. al says:

    Great shots.

    Man, LIFE magazine was so in the tank for the communists back then. Not many people in the gulags got to sun themselves on the Black Sea.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Conservatives/fascists will say Time Magazine was duped, Part II.

    • Hirsh says:

      I’d say it was the Soviet people who were duped, not Time.

      • ayaa says:


        Of course, you’d say that. All of this is just propaganda, Soviet life was actually all misery and desolation.

        • Hirsh says:

          If communism was so great, what went so horribly wrong for the soviet people? We’re talking about a failed nation state that existed for a mere 68 years before it collapsed into the annals of history. The fact the “Soviet people” survived it, and found daily moments of happiness, doesn’t change the fact the Soviet people were duped. Soviet Communism didn’t work.

          • ayaa says:

            Yeah right. The Soviet people were duped? By who, may I ask?!

            It might interest you, that in the 1991 referendum 78% voted to keep the Soviet Union intact rather than break up. Yet, I get the feeling that you claim the Soviet people couldn’t wait to get out from under their own rule. Lol.

            And for all your talks of the fails of communism, take a good look at the world 20 years after it, when capitalism ruled. Any better?

    • ayaa says:

      Nice way to sum things up.

  4. javox says:

    amazin….real nice….ive never been in russia and of course i didnt live that era, im only 25, but this pictures look like in one time part of the communist worked….before start collapse

  5. Testicules says:

    Life Magazine was so good it could make newspaper hats look fun and cool. Of course the photographers were controlled and allowed to shoot only positive images. To deny that is foolish. The Soviets, loved to control the media and the image of the USSR as much as they could. Sure much of the population was happy in Russia under communism. Just as much of the population was happy under the Nazi regeme in Germany. If your everyday life is not stepped on by an oppressive government, you go blissfully along minding your own business. It is when your family is in a gulag or an oven that people start to realize their government isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

    • ayaa says:

      Ever lived during the Soviet era yourself? Or better yet, ever been to Russia in the first place?

      • ayaa says:

        Aah, a much better reply by [wehadgooddays] “If you didn’t grow up in the Soviet era/area, you know nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself. The USSR was not as bad as the rest of the world perceived it. Sure, there were flaws. Of course there were. But at least Russia is rising above it.”

    • A 127 says:

      How much of your tax money (if you could hold a job) does your govt waste each year on sticking there nose in other countries politics so you can maintain your oil supply. Your country is going broke yet you let your govt waste Trillions of dollars on other peoples business.

      Look in your own back yard. You are no better, we have all seen the picture of the seventeen year old shot dead by your national guards. “Your govt isn’t all that its cracked up to be.”

  6. lbytesxk says:

    they simply didn’t know any better

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