0 Another Tour Of The VAZ Heating Plant

Another Tour Of The VAZ Heating Plant

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This is another tour of the VAZ Heating Plant located in Tolyatti.

It was launched on December 1st, 1967 and this year it turned 45. It is the largest and the most powerful heating plant in the Samara Region.

“Access to fire hydrants”.

The plant provides the Russian automobile manufacturer AvtoVAZ and part of Tolyatti with power and heat.

The heating plant features 11 turbines.

“Do not close! People are working!”

“Do not open! People are working!”

Its generator.

They turn on this fan to chill the room in summer.

There are three panels here to control and monitor the turbines.

This is where they control their turbines and boilers from.

This control panel is new.

“Do not open! People are working!”

Old equipment.


The heating plant works as follows: its boilers boil water turning it into steam which turns the turbine which turns the generator which produces electricity.

The main control panel of the heating plant.

“Connected to earth”.

Girls working in the lab carry out all sorts of tests to check water and water pipes.

Water filters.


Pipe samples.

Water-cooling towers.

Location: Tolyatti

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