3 Subway Cars Production

Subway Cars Production

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Metrowagonmash was founded in 1897 as a rail car building plant. Later they developed production of crawler vehicles and then dump trucks. Today Metrowagonmash is a place where most of Russian subway cars get manufactured and repaired.

“Metrowagonmash JSC”.


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3 Responses to “Subway Cars Production”

  1. Mummeli says:

    ‘Unfortunately, subway cars produced by Metrowagonmash can’t boast having a lot of Russian-made electronics because it can’t compete with European one in quality and reliability.’

    That must be the first caption in ER history, where they admit it.

  2. Yorkshire says:

    I wonder why the completely paint before assembly. Wouldn’t it be better to only do the final decorative coat at the end?

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Cuts down on labour costs. Painting AFTER final assembly means masking. Masking is labour intensive & subject to mistakes. It can also mean dealing with different materials that may require special masking. Painting BEFORE final assembly means almost no masking. Different sub-assemblies can be painted different colours. Painting can be done before other materials, such as rubber & stainless steel, are installed. Parts coming from other factories can be pre-painted.

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