23 Space Is Calling

Space Is Calling

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Yuri Gagarin was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut who was the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on April 12th, 1961.

Gagarin was one of the 20 cosmonauts selected by Korolev for the Soviet space program.

Pioneer Gagarin.


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23 Responses to “Space Is Calling”

  1. XyuH says:

    Gagarin was nothing but the friggin communist puppet poster boy

    • Sean says:

      You embarrass yourself….

    • OldBikr says:

      All space travelers get that treatment. He had to be very capable to accomplish the things he did, so show some respect.

      We’ll see what a media puppet looks like when China finally catches up to where the Soviet Union and the United States were in the SIXTIES.

  2. CZenda says:

    Local joke from 60s:
    “Did you hear it? Soviets went to space!”
    “Great – all of them?”

  3. IamI says:

    Wow – simply Yuri Superstar Gagarin!

  4. Daniel says:

    A brave man and a pioneer.

  5. perristalsis says:

    A true pioneer and legend to many people of other nations. I always felt the U.S. was unjustly dismissive of the early accomplishments of the Soviet space program without good cause, labeling such triumphs as the first woman in space a “stunt”, when in fact it was a true milestone worthy of respect.

  6. Mercal says:

    The USSR was ruled by murderers from the Communist regime and the KGB. It is a false facade of showing life was easy, it was not. Many East Germans gave their life trying to escape the Soviet tyrannical rule of misery.

    • 山下智久 says:

      my friend i think you are just brainwashed by western running dog!pathetic!

      • OldBikr says:

        Hmmm? And your point is? I should think there are many who could be called “brainwashed”, yourself perhaps?

    • www says:

      ha ha
      The communist party is created in the West
      Revolution 1917 was made by Zionists!!! Zionists have killed tsar
      Zionists have created KGB

    • Sean says:

      Eastern Germany was worse than USSR, it’s always like that. The empire’s metropolia is always more liberal, than enslaved provinces. It only embarrasses germans, not russians….

    • wehadgooddays says:

      If you didn’t grow up in the Soviet era/area, you know nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself. The USSR was not as bad as the rest of the world perceived it. Sure, there were flaws. Of course there were. But at least Russia is rising above it.

  7. moo says:

    A true hero of humanity!

  8. Luis says:

    Cheer to Serguei Korolev, the true hero and genius behind the soviet space program!

  9. mukmika says:

    He will always be the first person in space, a courageous man.

  10. Pat says:

    The only reason the U.S. pushed for a Moon landing is because of Gagarin. He is an unsung hero pilot.

  11. RuKsaK says:

    I was told he wasn’t the first man in space. He was the first one back!

  12. amd48 says:

    You are all now use products the space race the U.S. and the USSR. The two most powerful nation the world have reached such heights, and opened a space for you. It does not matter what country it was for. Now China is on the trodden tracks and plays all the way. Upon reaching the beginning of the achievements of the 90th, it will begin its own unique design. And then you criticize China for its communist – a socialist – capitalist system?
    You are talking such nonsense …

  13. SSSR says:

    My biggest concern is that Goldeneye sattelite that is said to still be operational around the Earth.

    Besides that it is all about competition.The world gets nowhere without it!

  14. lbytesxk says:

    Didn’t they send monkeys and dogs into orbit successfully before Gagarin? Yeah rest my case, he must have been much more intelligent and agile than a monkey

  15. javox says:

    true…they had such a great space program back on the golden age of ussr but both used scientifics from germany and around the area, if i remember well after the nazy came down most of the secrect advances they did were took to USA and USSR….

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