3 Picturesque Bridge In Moscow

Picturesque Bridge In Moscow

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This road-pedestrian cable-braced bridge over the Moskva River is situated in the northwest of the city. It has a glass ellipsoid on top which was to be a restaurant and an observation deck. Since they failed to install sewers in the construction, they had to give up the idea of opening a restaurant but decided to make it an office for people to register their marriage. They plan to open it in 2012 but considering the pace of constuction, they will hardly finish it by 2013.


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3 Responses to “Picturesque Bridge In Moscow”

  1. sabot says:

    Heh. With all of our sophisticated technology, flushing a toilet “up” is still an almost insurmountable engineering hurdle.

  2. Y5K says:

    Even though that’s just for an office, water supply and sewerage are needed as well. I guess the failure of sewer is due to the construction regulations, not to something technical.
    And I wonder how people go up to the deck after finishing the construction. The shape of the steel structure looks very difficult to install an elevator(or an escalator) in it. But anyway, the idea is so cool and the bridge itself is beautiful indeed.

  3. Sasha says:

    Are all bolts in place now? There were several missing a year ago…

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