2 Making A Tour Of The Grand Palace In Tsaritsyno

Making A Tour Of The Grand Palace In Tsaritsyno

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Tsaritsyno museum and reserve in Moscow was founded in 1984 in the park of the same name. Today, we are going to visit its Grand Palace and its exhibition devoted to Catherine II.

Tsaritsyno is full of tourists all the year round.

They will charge you $7 for entering its Grand Palace.

They will also charge you another $3 for photographing.

This place was intended to be a summer residence for Catherine II. Part of its exposition is devoted to the empress while the other part is about construction of the residence and its further renovation.

One of its beautiful chandeliers.

Catherine’s Hall with tons of gold leaf, expensive parquet and crystal chandelier must be the most pompous. On the ceiling, you’ll find an inscription citing Catherine II running, “Without people’s trust, power means nothing”.

The gem of the place is this marble statue of Catherine II made by sculptor A. Opekushin. It is 260 cm tall and has a weight of over 3 tons!

The Grand Hall also features an exposition of old silverware and crystalware.

“Fruit bowl”.

Entering its Taurichesky Hall.

It was named after Taurida (the Crimea) conquered by Duke G. Potemkin in the 18th century.

Here you can rent a dress to take a photo.

They offer a bunch of different costumes for rent.

Location: Tsaritsyno

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  1. YJ says:

    I want the gold, give me the gold.

  2. fascinating.Good for Russia to preserve these historical treasures.

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