6 The Spirit of Old Time

The Spirit of Old Time

Posted on March 8, 2012 by

Oldtimer Gallery opened in Moscow on March, 8th. Let’s check it out!

Ford Shelby.

Volga wagon.

It looks like all component parts of this Volga have been replaced with new ones.


1960 Dodge Dart.

Cadillac De Ville.

It looks like a space ship from the rear!

Cadillac Calais.

Tatra 87. The shark of Czechoslovakia.

A three-eye beast!

Volkswagen Transporter.

Bentley C1 Continental.

A beautiful lady with beautiful Cadillacs.

Volvo P1800. It was the second sports car by Volvo that was put into mass production.

BMW Roadster 328.

Delahaye 135CC.

Rolls Royce.

1954 Kaiser Darrin.


Mercedes W128 220SE.

Rolls Royce.

Hispana Suiza.





Military Volvo HBT.

“Military-Patriotic Club Division”.

Leather scooter.

Interviewing Ilya Sorokin.

At the exhibition, they sold all kinds of old stuff related to retro cars.

Old instructions for car owners.

The only thing that may spoil your impression of the exhibition is a bunch of smoking people in the restroom.

Tough life of military men…

The exhibition will close on March, 11th. Hurry up!

Location: Moscow

via el-magico

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6 Responses to “The Spirit of Old Time”

  1. mush says:

    Nice cars! Just that VW is Sonderbus, not Transporter.

  2. CZenda says:

    The Jag does not have the right discs (too modern). The girls next to the Stingray should be wearing something from Mary Quant and not from 20s.

  3. robin yates says:

    great collection, thanks.

  4. alessio215 says:

    nice steampunk bikes fitted with Gatling guns Nice!!

    Nice girls !!

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