1 Zibert Beer Production

Zibert Beer Production

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Nowadays, Ukraine is one of the leaders in brewing among the CIS countries. Let’s visit one of the most technically advanced breweries of the country, Pivovarnya Ziberta (Obolon).

The company is situated in the city of Fastov, the Kiev Region. Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross built in the beginning of the 20th century is the gem of the city.

Church of the Intercession was built in 1740.

Pivovarnya Ziberta is situated near this church, the oldest construction in the city.

Pivovarnya Ziberta was founded by a Prussian citizen Julius Zibert over 100 years ago, in 1906. The same year, they started producing keg beer to sell it in the city and surrounding villages.

In the photo: by the entrance to the brewery.

A delivery truck entering the brewery.

Along with Zibert beer, they produce Obolon.

In 2008, the brewery went through a recontruction. In fact, they built a new powerful brewery. The company’s producing capacity reached 12 million decaliters of beer a year.

Let’s see how Zabert beer is brewed.

On the right you can see a carbonic acid recuperator. They use it to collect carbon dioxide oozed from the beer to later use the gas again in beer production. First of all, this gas is ecologically safe. Secondly, it’s a nonwaste production.

They use their own malted barley and hops imported from Germany.


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  1. Maxim Ч says:

    I don’t understand…what is the problem with creating cheap, affordable, quality beers for the masses of workers? This is good! I wish we had more affordable beers here!

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