3 Russian Defense Technology In Use

Russian Defense Technology In Use

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We have always something to show you about Russian defense technology and today let us show you an airdrop of an airborne infantry fighting vehicle first. The exercise took place in the Ryazan Region.

There are three main methods of airdrop currently used in military operations.

Extraction airdrops use an extraction parachute to pull the load out of the aft end of the airplane. In this method, an extraction parachute is deployed behind the aircraft which pulls the load out and cargo parachutes are deployed to slow the load.

Gravity airdrops use gravity in the sense that the attitude of the aircraft at the time of the drop causes the load to roll out of the plane like a sled down a hill.

Door bundle drops are the simplest of airdrop methods. In a door bundle airdrop, the Loadmaster simply pushes out the load at the appropriate time.

A multi-dome parachute system looks great in the sky.

An airdrop of miltary equipment is preceeded by landing of a reconnaissance sub-unit which has to prepare the bedding area.

Technical personnel remove covers from caterpillar tracks. Under the combat conditions, it is the crew members who do it.

The driver wearing a heat-resistant uniform detects the military equipment with a radio beacon and gets down to unlocking the turret hatch.

The soldier in the photo wears a landing helmet that differs from the tank helmet in the fact that it features earphones and a throat microphone.

The main task of the driver is to start up the vehicle and make its ground clearance higher (because before the airdrop, ground clearance of the airborne infantry fighting vehicle is placed at its lowest position). They start up the engine either using the batteries or a pneumatic system.

The driver has started up the engine, made its ground clearance higher, changed the helmet and is ready to go meet the crew.

Along with the crew, the Soviet airborne infantry fighting vehicle BMD is able to carry landing troops.

Picking up the crew and the paratroopers, the BMD starts to accomplish its mission.


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  1. ayaa says:

    The Russian VDV, the best airborne force in the world!

  2. D.Attenborough says:

    The word is “defence” not “defense”.

  3. Tillerman says:

    Those doors at the front must cause some subsantial drag in the open position during flight. And some serious actuators too, to push them open!

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