15 Pripyat, Broken World

Pripyat, Broken World

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Below are photographs of Pripyat, a famous ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, taken in 2009.

Construction of the fifth and the sixth reactors has been frozen for ever.

Reactors number three and four.

The view of the city recreation center Energetic as seen from the roof of Polesye Hotel.

A square in front of the recreation center.

This district is one of the most polluted districts in Pripyat.

This ferris wheel was not meant to ever be launched.

Street art.

“Health of the people is the country’s priority!”

Elevator shafts in Polesye Hotel.

It’s now dangerous walking in the recreation center. Its stage is rotting away and you can fall through it.

It was prestige to live in Pripyat because it was a new developing city with mild climate, it was situated close to Kiev and Moscow so people from different parts of the country would move here. That’s why the number of schools built here in Pripyat increased extremely fast here… to one day become abandoned.

“Hello former pupils of School #2!”

“4 A, always in my heart!”

“4 B! Will be glad to hear a call from you!”

In the library.

Pupils would hang out here in the lobby during the break.

A first grader’s exercise book.

Lenin’s pictures.

This school is well-preserved, unlike the rest buildings of the city.

Why is everything on the floor? Was someone in haste wanting to find something?

“We are for peach! We don’t want a war!”

Wishes which will never come true… broken dreams… broken world.

A classroom.

Pioneers’ stand.

This picture devoted to Soviet cosmonautics looks just like new.

In this classroom they would hold literature lessons.

A sixth grader’s assignment book.

In this classroom they used to hold physics lessons.

Broken equipment.

A classroom for civil defense lessons.

In this classroom, they would hold foreign language lessons.

History of a stamp.

There is a microscope on the table in the classroom for chemistry lessons.

In the staff room.

Residential jungles. In summer, all this gets buried in greenery.

It is better to visit Pripyat in spring, when there is little dust and rain. It’s safe but… You can walk in the city no more than 7 hours and avoid entering areas with high radiation level. You should also avoid having food or water here.

You should not step on the moss.

In spring, they vaccuum the city with special vacuum cleaners to dig the dirt deep underground.

You should receive a permit to enter the city.

A swimming pool. Some say it had been used up to 1994.

People lived and worked here until 1991.

“Savings Bank”.

The pool.

Polesye Hotel.

This ferris wheel was built for a city with a population of 50,000 people which was unbelievable for that time.

It was to be opened on May 1st, 1986.

Just think about how difficult it must be for former citizens to visit Pripyat.

City ghosts.

Silent witnesses of the tragic events of the past.


Location: Pripyat

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15 Responses to “Pripyat, Broken World”

  1. kiwilaka says:

    After seeing the photos I can now see that Pripyat in the stalker games is fantastically made. I still want to visit the city and the NPP in the future.

    • Gerry says:

      There are various agencies in Ukraine that offer excursions to Pripyat. And recently the Ukrainian state wants to take control of this dark tourist business (seems they smelled lots of money and want to get some good share).

      • Nectar says:

        Is it not possible to visit other abandoned cities in and around the zone without any shepard? I dont know how much of the zone is guarded, yet i saw on google maps still tons of abandoned towns apart from Pripyat standing.

  2. Alan says:

    It is really sad to see the abandoned city that used to be a great city. How did or can you get a permit to enter Pripyat?

  3. Augis says:

    I think this whole city should be turned into museum.

  4. Buddyben says:

    Pripyat is well rendered in video games such as Modern Warfare 2. However wanting to visit that only 30 years after the fact is crazy. I wouldn’t even go near there unless 70-100 years have passed. The radiation there is still harmful. Do what you feel you must.

    • West-Europe says:

      Its true, its still harmful. But the amount of radiation is far off being harmful if you dont go near the powerplant itself.

  5. xoen says:

    f modern warfare, go S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  6. Mercal says:

    All brought by Communism and the non-value of human life.

  7. Jozef says:

    Tours to Pripyat have been banned

  8. javox says:

    so sad how did end this….if this wouldnt happen im sure now a day it would still up the communist´s machine….was designed very futurist…i love it…well done

    • BringBackSovietUnion says:

      A nuclear plant was indeed a mistake, later learned the hard way and Russia never again build another one.

      That plant needs to be removed, it’s still in danger of exploding. If it explodes, it will be 4X much worse than reactor number 4.

  9. mark a clark says:

    “All brought by Communism and the non-value of human life” yea right mercal, kind of like TMI and what it came very close to being. if any system devalues human live it’s the corrupt, mostly unregulated, type of american capitalism that people like mitt romney love. yesterday a man was sentenced to 35 yrs for trying to inform the american people of the atrocities of it’s government and will serve more time in prison than some “heroes” that murdered women and children in iraq. how’s that for valuing human life?

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