4 Adler-Krasnaya Polyana Road Construction In Sochi

Adler-Krasnaya Polyana Road Construction In Sochi

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Sochi is going to host the Olympics 2014. Some contests are going to be held in the mountains in the Krasnaya Polyana area.

One of the hotel complexes in Krasnaya Polyana.

Right now, they are building a road and a railroad connecting Krasnaya Polyana and Adler. Part of the road which is planned to be wider than the exisiting one is going to run along the Mzymty River.

In some places, the road will lay across tunnels featuring a total length of 30 km.

Not far from Adler is Vesely Village where they produce tunnel tubings. The plant consists of several large rooms where they produce and store their produce. To make tubings, they need concrete and iron rods.

In the photo: reinforcement meshes.

They have equipped the room with motion detectors to protect workers from possible accidents.

Most operations are automated

Cutting reinforcement

Making more complicated components from reinforcement and their transportation.

The device making bent elements for the future framework

Tubing carcasses production.

They have built a concrete-mixing plant to produce tubings.

Control room

Moulds with concrete are now to be dried and tubings are to be marked and stored.

Another finished product.


This is how they store their finished products.

Tunnel complex #3 is the largest. Three tunnel-driving machines work here at the same time.

In the photo: tunnel-driving machine assembly.

Assembling a SELI-Lovat RM 394 DS driving shield. It is 10 m in diameter, has a weight of 1,500 tons and is 123 m long.

Herrenknecht-13210 tunnel-driving shield

Summer, 2011.

They began driving the tunnel in spring, 2010 and by February, 2012 the work was completed.

Here they unload and clean tubings delivered.

Together with tubings, they bring smaller component parts.

Concrete mixers deliver concrete to the construction site.

The most spacious room, here are welding equipment, an ambulance room and personal service rooms.

A Mokath boring machine.

This is a workplace of the tunnel-driving machine operator.

Each tunnel-driving machine is unique and depends on the diameter of the tunnel it drives.

The conveyer belt on the right delivers ground to the construction site while the ventilation pipe on the left is used to deliver air to the machine.

Concrete mixers have to drive backwards.

The conveyor belt goes up to that blue tower.

They finished tunnel driving earlier than it was planned. The opening ceremony took place on February, 15th.

Location: Sochi

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