3 Photos Of Kamchatka Taken From Space

Photos Of Kamchatka Taken From Space

Posted on March 4, 2012 by kulichik

Nikolai Rerikh, a Russian painter, philosopher and traveler, has never been to Kamchatka. Nevertheless, the photos presented in the Schelkovskaya Art Gallery are called ‘Kamchatka and Rerikh’. Let us find out the reason for that.

The author of the photos is Alexander Ivanchenkov, the  Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR. His first exhibition ‘Earth Is Our Home’ was opened on 12 December 2008.

‘Rerikh, Kamchatka’, 18.07.2007. The photo resembles Rerikhs’ pictures very much. It is really difficult to take photos of Kamchatka because of changeable weather. Time factor is also important as when they go to be in Moscow, a morning starts in Kamchatka. If you want to get nice photos you need either to get up early or go to bed late. Luck is also important here.

Volcano eruption, 01.07.2007. The photo was taken accidentally. It was evening on the space station. The weather on the Earth was bad. During the next flight around the Earth nice and clear photos were taken.

Volcano eruption, 01.07.2007. The pictures were taken 1,5 hour later and were not that good but were appreciated by specialists anyway. Though everybody in Kamchatka takes volcanoes for granted as well as geysers that were discovered in April 1941. The valley of geysers was almost destroyed in 2007 due to severe mud flows. Since then cosmonauts tried to make as many shots of the place as possible to help scientists to deal with the situation. And in 2008 activity of all geysers was completely restored. There are over 300 volcanoes in Kamchatka and 30 of them are active ones.

Stratovolcanoes. Klyuchevskaya Sopka is always active in spite of the fact it is over 3000 years old.

This is one rare moment when Sopka is not active.

The main task of cosmonauts is to seize the moment when Sopka is active. The so-called ‘mushroom’ is considered as a sign of such an activity.

‘Beginning’, 08.09.2007. The very start of volcano eruption.

The photo was taken in 2 minutes.

The activity decreased considerably in 24 hours.

In 3 more days.

Shiveluch volcano is 60-70 000 years old.  10.07.2007. In the result of eruption in 2004, the height of Shiveluch was decreased by 115 m.

29.07.2010. In three years the volcano looked like this – it deprived of its dome.

‘Arousing’, 22.07.2007.

‘The mood’, 19.07.2007.

‘Morning’, 14.08.2010.

‘Evening shift’, 12.07.2010. It is dark on the Earth but it is seen how the volcano is erupting.

‘The Kluchevsky group of volcano’, 28.07.2010.

‘The Kluchevsky group of volcano’, 28.09.2010.

‘The first snow’, 07.09.2007.

Location: Kamchatka

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