18 Is Friendship Between Men And Women Possible?

Is Friendship Between Men And Women Possible?

Posted on March 3, 2012 by kulichik

Can women and men be friends? Or is it the only possible variant left when love between the two is impossible? Some couples were asked to swap their places.

Ainura and Alibeck have been friends for 4 years. Alibeck was a student when he was hired by an organization where Ainura had been working. He fell in love with her at once. But he wasn’t brave enough to confess and then the two became friends. Ainura believes the guy to be funny, nice and open-minded. She is never bored when he is around.

Zhandos and Marshan have been friends for 5 years.

Zhandos has a girlfriend who is not jealous of Marshan. He describes her as an attractive and sociable person. Marshan thinks that Zhandos is very kind and nice and is grateful to his sister who introduced the guy to her.

Roma and Tana have been friends for 1,5 years.

Tana says that Roma is clever and very handsome. She treats him as an elder brother. She can always have fun at him and he will always stay close to her. Roma does not understand why Tana dreams of marrying a foreigner because there are nice guys around her.

Roman and Anastasia have been friends for 2 years.

Anastasia says that both of them find the same situations and people funny. They can just look at each other and start laughing immediately without explaining anything. Roman says he has male friends too but it is Anastasia who can understand him the best.

Akbope and Adlet have been friends for 4 years.

Adlet always helps the girl in any situation. According to the girl, he is a clever and nice guy who is very interesting to talk to. Adlet calls the girl nice and talented. She also sings very well.

Egor and Olga have been friends for 6 years.

Egor can help Olga any time she needs. The only shortcoming is that his mood changes fast and when he says he is not in the right mood, he means it. They have survived the moment when their attachment could have been turned into something more and are happy about that. Egor thinks that Olga is too emotional but he is happy to be her friend.

Zhansaya and Nurlan have been friends for 5 years.

Her former boyfriend was very jealous about the girl’s relationship with Nurlan. In spite of the fact, they were capable of preserving their friendship. Nurlan’s girlfriend is not jealous about their relationship. It happens that you need some people and it does not matter if they are boys or girls.

Mirat and Alima have been friends for 5 years.

Alima says that Mirat is her best friend but it is difficult for him to choose a girl whom he would like. Mirat says that Alima is very free and the freedom is unnatural for the place where he was born. But the girl can become serious when needed and this is what makes her so special.

Dinara and Zhanik have been friends for 4 years.

When they met, she found out that he was younger to her and wanted him to meet her younger sister. The guy treats Dinara as his friend who is very similar to him.

Valya and Ravshik have been friends for 2 years.

The guys help each other much. They will never betray each other. But Rashvik complains that Valya likes spending money a lot and this is what he does not like about her.

Madi and Asel have been friends for 11 years.

Asel likes Madi a lot except for the fact his mood changes fast. Madi says they have become friends because they failed to become a couple.

Zhanara and Samat have been friends for 8 years.

When they were 15-18 years they spent a lot of time together and discussed girls. Now Samat has a very nice girl. And there are 3 of them who go for a walk together. Samat says, Zhanara is a very positive person who is nice to talk to. But she can be too serious from time to time.

Nee ju and Kanat has been friends for 6 months.

Nee ju says Kanat is her family member. Her relatives in Korea know the guy. She also sent his photos to all my friends. The guys stay at the same hostel. Kanat thinks she is very funny. He is very unhappy about the fact she will leave for Korea in 6 months.

Gulnosa and Takha have been friends for 4 years.

Gulnosa thinks that Takha can be boring from time to time. She does not understand how he could become so close to her. Takha likes the girl very much and calls her funny, dangerous and rude.

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18 Responses to “Is Friendship Between Men And Women Possible?”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Men and women can be friends if they have a shared class consciousness, mutual understanding of history and economic determinism, and a shared knowledge of the philosophies of intellectualism, progressivism, and rationalism.

  2. George Johnson says:

    Lots of guys dressing up as girls? That’s friendship?

  3. Akasha says:

    According to some male friends of mine, no man could be a platonic friend to a fairly attractive woman without hoping there could ever be a chance to get in a relationship with her or at least sleep with the girl.
    And unfortunately, I’ve made that experience, too, but I wasn’t the one who could not hold her feelings and made a continuing friendship impossible.

  4. Vitaliy says:

    lets see, all these “guys” are gays

  5. Terry says:

    this is an absolutely useless and ridiculous post! Dont waste internet space on this garbage!

  6. Y5K says:

    For a man, in case of his female friend, friendship and feeling of love are mixed. Just the ratio between the two is matter. It varies from person to person, time to time, and nobody could estimate it exactly even by himself. I guess.

  7. Truthteller says:

    Of course it´s possible friendship between a man and a woman, as long as the man is GAY!

  8. alessio215 says:

    Maybe most of these man are gay or want to be enouch with the female world or be a female themselves.

  9. alessio215 says:

    a friendship with a girl never lasted in my adolescent years, or did I spoiled it with asking if she wanted to be my girlfriend or I ended it when the girl choosed someone else to be her boyfriend.

  10. boombasstic says:

    these guys have officially been friendzoned

  11. Gerry says:

    The only time that I managed to keep some kind of friendship with women was when I really didn’t have any desire to screw them (too old or too ugly). Sorry but that’s the naked truth. And even in such cases it gets complicated easily. Maybe some men can live in a higher state of consciousness and can think out of the sex box, maybe those can make such friendships easily, about women I can’t tell, let them speak themselves!

  12. zipp says:

    All my female friends ether fancied me, or I fancied them. I don’t have any now I’m married, So there’s your proof that you can’t.

  13. bloke says:

    women like to have a wide variety of back ups, support logistics, hanger ons etc. That is why God gave them the social skills and manipulation levels of 150 CIA employees and 150 KGB personnel. Do not put them on a pedestal. who gets less sh_t from women on this planet? The muslims. And why do they get less sh_t from them? Because they do not put them on a pedestal and buy into that “feminism” BS.

  14. n1zm0 says:

    are most of these young people of central asian ancestry? asian looking people with slavic names lol.

  15. LexLex says:

    Ok… I like this guy. He likes me. BUT we are both just getting out of bad relationships, so we dicided to just be friends(im always at his place or vica versa). Just friends? No feelings?. It doesnt exsist between man and women.

  16. Olly says:

    Yes,they can be friends but NEVER as same sex friendship;most of the time, there is a sexual attraction going on…..this make people ‘play the game’ and not act totally as themselves.

  17. Leigh says:

    No guy likes the friend zone…

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