3 Life-Saving Systems Production

Life-Saving Systems Production

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If we do the same using a track-etched membrane, the marker will leave a line on the paper as well.

For over ten years, the company produces plasma filters ROSA which are both relatively affordable and simple in use. Small volume of filling of the ROSA plasma filter makes it useful in pediatric practice, including usage for newborns whose weight starts from 700 grams, which is another great advantage of the plasma filter.

The plasma filter is used for medicine of disaster and emergency situations and can be used in field conditions. To use the plasma filter, it is necessary to just fasten it to any bar or a wall (with sticky tape).

They use track-etched membranes with 400-nanometer pores which is much smaller than a human hair.

Track-etched membranes are made by treating plastic film with argon ions.


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  1. Testicules says:

    Is this a medical facility or the atomic particle collider?

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Its neither! The cyclotron generates a particle beam. The beam punches minute holes in the plastic sheet. Holes smaller than your brain cell (singular). The electromagnets aim the beam, like a TV tube. The whole place is a factory! There is no medical procedures taking place. Nor is it an atomic particle collider since the no collisions are attempted nor is any atomic material involved.

  2. america and europe are broken says:

    america is too poor all what they have is mac donalds

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