1 Construction of the Zhigulyovskaya Hydroelectric Station

Construction of the Zhigulyovskaya Hydroelectric Station

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The idea of hydroelectric station on the Volga near Samara Bend was proposed by Gleb Krzhizhanovsky in 1910. Ten years later K. V. Bogoyavlensky proposed a hydroelectruc station near Perevoloki, utilizing naturally existing water level difference. The disrupted economic system of the time did not allow this project to be realized.

In the early 1930s the Volga near Samara Bend and Yaroslavl was surveyed, and some dam projects were proposed. In 1937 the project of a dam near the villages of Perevoloki and Krasnaya Glinka was approved. Forced labour from Kuybyshev Camp was used (up to 30,000 people). In the autumn of 1940, oil fields were found near construction site, causing a suspension of construction.

The Hydroproject Institute made a survey in 1949, after which a decision was made to build the hydroelectric station near Zhigulyovsk. August 21, 1950, the project to create a station with installed power of 2.1 gigawatts was approved and construction was started.

In the photograph: before the construction, the Volga River, 1950.

Construction works have just begun. Construction was headed by I. Komzin.

Construction was started, as before, with forced labour used. Thousands of prisoners were forced to work there. In 1955, the number of prisoners involved reached 46,000!

Photographers were allowed to take pictures of civilian workers only.

The station’s foundation pit.

They used best equipment available at that time – drags, excavators and dump trucks.

A boat bridge.

Building an overflow dam.

They spent over 7 million m3 of concrete to build the station.

The overflow dam.


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