44 Ask Her How To Lose Some Weight

Ask Her How To Lose Some Weight

Posted on March 1, 2012 by

Twenty-year old Kseniya Bubenko of Yekaterinburg named her diet “Pobeda” which stands for “victory”. The girl appeared on a popular talk-show which won her popularity so she is kind of a celebrity now. Still, wouldn’t it stick in your throat to call this victory?


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44 Responses to “Ask Her How To Lose Some Weight”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    She looks better than Michael Jackson.

  2. Viggen says:


  3. chacka says:

    stick chick, needs mental help obviously.

  4. Sasha says:

    Anorexic freak. She should be taken into a clinic. First to gain some weight and then for a psychiatric treatment. And not celebrated for some diet on a tv-show. Russia… sigh…

  5. BlowME says:

    why they do this to themselfs….?! Its not pretty, its very ugly being a fleshy skeleton…….

  6. 山下智久 says:

    scare me to death

  7. OLUT says:

    That’s really sad. I hope this girl realizes it very soon, and doesn’t end up with severe health problems… or worse.

    When I first saw this, it reminded me of the sister of a bride whose wedding I shot. The two were both beautiful women, but the sister was like this. She couldn’t stand the slightest bit of cold air, had very little energy. It was terrible.

  8. tomas says:

    no black boxes?

  9. alien says:

    Still too fat!!

  10. Testicules says:


  11. scud-werfer says:

    i was eating a sandwitch, while seeing *THAT* ,..now i gonna join a burger!

  12. George Johnson says:

    Stick in her throat!? I think a grain of RICE would stick in her throat!!

    Lock her up for her own good, she needs professional help.

  13. TRatio says:

    Yes very sad. It’s a mental illness.

  14. PF says:

    This girl is seriously ill, and needs professional help as soon as possible. We hear about anorexic girls who look fuller than her, dying. I don’t see anything interesting or funny in this topic. It’s like making fun of people with cancer or heart diseases.

  15. NT says:

    I wish I could unsee it.

  16. CZenda says:

    Grim Reaper. BTW, is it Thailand in the background? I heard it became a fashionable destination for Russians recently.

  17. Otis R. Needleman says:

    OMG. This girl needs help before she dies from anorexia.

  18. Truthteller says:

    And she seems to have a cute face. Probably she´d be good looking if she were “normal”

  19. RW says:

    this is just horrifying, its looks like someone coming right out of the Nazi concentration camps.

  20. critter says:

    She’ll be dead in 5 years…..or less

  21. mukmika says:

    Anorexia is a serious disorder, this young woman needs treatment soon or she may die, which would be a shame.

  22. cockatrice says:

    She’ll be dead soon. Lost a friend to this. The awful, misguided body image a person with anorexia has is hard to break them out of. Organ failure is not far off once you reach this level of emaciation.

  23. Vikkabjork says:

    Please, don’t make fun of her. She is really ill!

  24. CanadianDude says:

    In the photos of her in Indonesia you can see she is wearing a white hospital bracelet. No doubt due to the damage she is doing to herself through her body dysmorphia and anorexia. I hope she receives some forced treatment from her family in time.

  25. Sebbe says:

    Cristopher Bc >> what is it you’re laughing about? is it maybe your small brain that’s laughing about a sick girl? Christopher i bet you don’t need a sandwich

  26. todd says:

    I fell sad for her shes young.Poor girl

  27. openeyed says:

    This is too bad, she is killing herself.

  28. DP says:

    Please God let her get medical help before it is too late.

  29. stolichnaya says:

    That’s one seriously messed-up girl. It’s amazing she’s still alive and hasn’t died from malnutrition or organ failure.

  30. R says:

    So sad. I hope she gets medical and psychiatric help before it is too late.

  31. Tangowolf says:

    I’m a little disappointed in the complete lack of empathy that some of the people here have for this poor soul. It’s tough being a woman – everything we do is judged to extremes. Clearly someone said something that has intensely affected her psychological well-being to the point where she’s gotten this skinny. I know it’s cool to be a smirky person who lampoons everything on the Internet but have a little bit of heart.

    • George says:

      There is quite little empathy for mentally ill persons in this world, and in the western countries she would be in hospital, because she will die. This chick is killing herself with anorexia, and need psychiatric help to save her life.

  32. jeffrey pigden says:

    You could fold her up and pack her as carry-on luggage!

  33. Gediminas says:

    She’s so cute!

  34. zarathustra says:

    btw. anorexia can cause the brain to slow down, shrink!, and cause a lack of memory. that’s self evolution!

  35. DoodleBug says:

    I want one!

  36. nina says:

    This is heartbreaking. I really hope she gets the help that she needs.

  37. Suzie says:

    She is so beautiful…hope she can keep losing!!

  38. Joe says:

    Too bad for her. She is pretty though she would be beautiful with another 40 pounds on her. What a shame.

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