3 Crazy About Carpets

Crazy About Carpets

Turkmenistan people seem to have
a soft spot for carpets...
4 How To Make Soap At Home

How To Make Soap At Home

Making soaps and balms at home has become a popular hobby today. So, we want to show you how to make three
different kinds of soap by yourself which will be interesting for both children and adults.
6 German Airship Lands In Moscow In 1930

German Airship Lands In Moscow In 1930

After World War I, Germany was deprived of its right to construct airships. The ban was in
force until 1925. So, in fall 1928 their new airship LZ-127 made its first flight.
2 Childhood Which Is Gone Forever

Childhood Which Is Gone Forever

You may have seen some of these photographs at our website already but this post is devoted to
childhood. The childhood of Soviet people which is gone forever and will never come back.
4 Interrogation By Donald Weber

Interrogation By Donald Weber

"Moron". In English, the word ‘interrogation’ has no negative coloring. It has one in Russian though. Donald Weber who had traveled in the post-Soviet countries a lot caught the concept of this word by collecting photo reports about interrogations, and published a book called Interrogation. The author claims that the book is not about Russia or Ukraine. He says it is about primitivism and cruelty inherent in all modern countries
in general, including those claiming themselves to be 100% democratic. Their citizens, according to Weber, are aware of their own powerlessness when faced the law. Their fear fades away only when the trial proceedings are over and they are found not guilty. One of the photographs by Doland Weber became a prize-winner in the photographic competition World Press Photo 2012. (Donald Weber—VII)
5 Abandoned Electric Trains

Abandoned Electric Trains

We want to show you what happens to electric trains when they get abandoned. Besides, some of them
are in rather good condition so they could be easily repaired but no one really cares.
11 Living In Big Joy

Living In Big Joy

Which one of you would not like to live in Big Joy? People you will see in the photographs below realized the dream the humanity cherishes. They
do live in Big Joy. Big Joy is an actual village (which sounds like Bolshaya Radost in Russian), so check out what you might miss.
2 Engines Of The War

Engines Of The War

The festival Engines of the War is a show parade of military equipment which atmosphere with its
war-time music and dust left by roaring trucks and motorcycles transports you several decades back.
4 Skyscrapers Of Moscow

Skyscrapers Of Moscow

Some people like risking their lives climbing the roofs of skyscrapers just to take pictures of a city that
not everybody is able to take. Below are pictures of Moscow city taken from one of its highest buildings.
29 Radar Station Of New Generation

Radar Station Of New Generation

Voronezh-M  modular station of highly compatible structure is intended for usage as part of the missile warning system. The stations will substitute old ones located in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The main
aim of the new missile system is to warn about the launch of ballistic missiles in the north-west direction and also send data about cosmic objects to the system of cosmic space control.

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