14 Miss Belarus 2008 And Snow Plow

Miss Belarus 2008 And Snow Plow

One of the country's largest producers of road-construction equipment has released a calendar featuring Miss Belarus 2008! So, meet Miss Belarus 2008 Anna Krivitskaya and a
screw-rotor snow plow Amkodor 9531! By the way, the company obviously has some weakness for Miss Belarus contestants. To find out why, check out the photographs below!
2 Well-Maintained Bomb Shelter In Belarus

Well-Maintained Bomb Shelter In Belarus

These are photographs taken in another bomb shelter in Belarus. It has electricity and is rather well-maintained in general, considering that the place hasn't
been renovated for the past 30 to 40 years. The shelter is a rectangular construction with two exits plus one emergency exit in its air well.
11 Miss Belarus 2012

Miss Belarus 2012

Miss Belarus 2012 contestants arrived at Minsk to stay in town till March, 17th to prepare for the beauty contest and participate in its
semifinal. We want to show you one of the photo sessions made in Minsk which lasted for two days and involved just a few of the girls.
16 9-Storey Building Collapses In Astrakhan

9-Storey Building Collapses In Astrakhan

On February, 27th there was an explosion followed by a subsequent collapse of an entire section of a 9-storey residential house
number on Nikolai Ostrovsky Street in Astrakhan. Rescue workers are searching through the rubble for possible victims.
0 The Chirkey Dam As Seen From Its Observation Deck

The Chirkey Dam As Seen From Its Observation Deck

The observation deck of the Chirkey Dam, an arch dam on the Sulak
River in Dagestan, opens best views of the area. Enjoy!
0 Birth of a Drawing

Birth of a Drawing

See how a drawing depicting heroes of WWII who managed to
survive the four toughest years in the world history is created.
7 Clouds Inside Out

Clouds Inside Out

Photographs by Fedor Yurchikhin depict clouds of unimaginable shapes and
colors. It's 10 km to 12 km above ground so welcome to heaven!
2 Shaman From Naryan-Mar

Shaman From Naryan-Mar

We've come to Naryan-Mar to ask Nikolay, a local shaman, some questions about his life. Nikolay was born in 1969 and grew up in the orphanage. He studied in several technical secondary schools but he never received his diploma. After
long years of looking for his place in this life, he settled down outside Maryan-Mar to open guest tents which are highly popular among both local people and people from other regions of the country. He's not married.
1 Heart-Warming Memories Of Siberia

Heart-Warming Memories Of Siberia

Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in Tiksi, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). For her, this port city was a world full of magic and discoveries. She remembers the time when she would see no sunshine for weeks but could enjoy northern lights sparkling in the skies. She remembers snowstorms and continuous frosts. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Evgenia ’s family moved to Yakutsk which became a stress for the eight-year old girl used to being surrounded
by pink mountains. She then studied in Moscow and New York and finally she returned to her home city. She came back to Tiksi not to make a report on how little is left after the city she grew up in but to evoke those heart-warming memories and remember that magic she’s been keeping in her mind since childhood. She wanted to make sure that all that was not some fantasy of a little girl but was real.
13 Apple Museum Opens In Moscow

Apple Museum Opens In Moscow

An Apple Museum has opened in Moscow welcoming all local technology lovers. The museum was launched by Andrei Antonov who has been collecting Apple computer equipment for 15 years. The collection includes monitors, hardware, keyboards and other computer equipment produced by Apple during
the last 30 years, such as stationary and portable models of the Apple IIC (1980), a rare Apple II from 1978, the first pocket computer and even the Mac portable which astronauts have taken to space. Antonov boasts that most of the machines still work perfectly.

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