6 The Pilot Retraining Center In Lipetsk

The Pilot Retraining Center In Lipetsk

Russian Air Force's combat employment and retraining center is located
in Lipetsk and embraces a museum and a training center itself.
24 Guest Workers In Moscow

Guest Workers In Moscow

The young generation does not remember Moscow without immigrants because people from Central Asia began moving to the city over 20 years ago. Some of them tried to escape civil wars, others wanted to improve their economic situation. Going to Moscow, they had a good chance to earn some money to send to their families. Moscow
citizens are used to living with immigrants thinking them to be low-qualified workers. They see immigrants as a pool of cheap labor – cleaning men, loaders and builders. They call them non-whites and do not see anything bad about it. It is immigrants from Central Asia whom they insult in public.
8 Reactor #4 Of The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Reactor #4 Of The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Today, we are going to visit the Chernobyl Nuclear Power
Plant, namely its power-generating unit number 4.
1 Historical Place Of Moscow: The Chambers Of Prince Yusupov

Historical Place Of Moscow: The Chambers Of Prince Yusupov

Parts of ancient Moscow with its golden-domed churches, gingerbread cottages and
magnificent palaces can still be found in the noisy and vain streets of the megalopolis.
7 Street Art By Pst

Street Art By Pst

Pst is an artist from Yaroslavl pictures of whom can
be found in the streets. Do you like them?
1 Wireless Headphones Featuring Mp3

Wireless Headphones Featuring Mp3

This post will be helpful for those who do not like all those wires
hanging all over when they listen to music in their headphones.
9 The Black Sea Got Frozen!

The Black Sea Got Frozen!

Check out these rare photographs of the Black Sea being flozen. It does
happen sometimes but is still considered a natural phenomenon.
3 Assembling A Boat Propeller

Assembling A Boat Propeller

We want to show you the arrangement of a boat
propeller which can change its angle of attack.
3 Welcome To Ehrmann Yogurt Factory

Welcome To Ehrmann Yogurt Factory

Milk products are extremely popular in Russia. Kefir, ryazhenka and sour cream are considered to be healthy food.  Not long ago, a new product appeared in the list – yogurt. To see which yogurt they eat in Russia, we are heading to Ehrmann company producing ‘Ermighurt’, ‘Prebiotic’, ‘Ermic’, etc. Alois Ehrmann launched his company in Germany in 1920. It was the first company to produce yogurt containing pieces of real fruits which caused a stir among customers. Today, it is
the most technically advanced yogurt factory in Germany. It began exporting its produce to Russia in 1997 and when its turnover reached 100 million German marks, the owners of the company decided to build a yogurt factory in Russia too. The factory opened in 2000 in Ramensky District, the Moscow Region. Today it produces a variety of yogurts and yogurt products such as sour cream, cottage cheese, puddings, desserts, milk shakes and yogurt drinks.
5 Burning Hot Air Of Kubinka Air Base

Burning Hot Air Of Kubinka Air Base

On the last day of January, early in the morning, when it is freezing in the street and the thermometer shows -22C, we are taking you to Kubinka Air Base,
the Moscow Region, to show you training flights of the Swifts and the Russian Knights, aerobatic performance demonstrator teams of Russia.

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