2 Where Russian Aviation Is Buried

Where Russian Aviation Is Buried

The first Russian airport opened in October, 1910. It was situated on Khodynka Field and was called Khodynsky. It takes its name from the small Khodynka River which used to cross the neighborhood. Major constructions on the field included the 19th century military barracks and the Botkin Hospital. The field is best
known as the site of a tragic accident that happened on May 18th, 1896. Too many people gathered on the field to receive a gift they distributed during the festivities of the crowning of Nicholas II. As a result, 1389 people were trampled to death and roughly 1300 were otherwise injured.
8 Assorted Russia, Part 46

Assorted Russia, Part 46

Each girl is dreaming of catching the bouquet at a wedding party to
become the next to get married. That guy is in for trouble...
1 Christian Monasteries Of Kakhetia

Christian Monasteries Of Kakhetia

Kakhetia is an eastern part of Georgia that is
famous with its wines and monasteries.
4 Russian Leather Factory

Russian Leather Factory

Art of leather dressing is thousands years old. Perhaps, people learnt how to dress leather before they learnt how to make a fire. Russkaya Kozha (or Russian Leather) is the largest leather factory in Europe and it is situated in Ryazan. The factory is almost 100 years old and, strangely, it functioned both in the Soviet time
and in the 90s. In 1988, the factory was almost completely rebuilt by Italian specialists while modernization is a nonstop process here. Currently its total area is 480,000 m2 with over 2,000 people employed. In 2006, they opened a Chinese branch of the factory which specializes in shoe leather.
15 The Bloody Summer Of 1941

The Bloody Summer Of 1941

On e-bay you will find a photo album by a Fla-MG-Bataillon (schw.) mot. Z 55 soldier with photographs he took in
summer 1941. Most of them were taken in Belarus and the Smolensk Region during the battle or right after it.
0 Bird Eye View Of Almaty

Bird Eye View Of Almaty

Photographer Maxim Zolotukhin from Almaty is a big fan of his city. Check out his collection
of bird eye view photographs of Almaty taken in different seasons of the year.
5 A Gift For A Girlfriend

A Gift For A Girlfriend

Do you know how to make a portrait
with the help of drawing pins?
6 About Soviet Airships

About Soviet Airships

They had both ups and downs in airship engineering and
these are some historic facts for you to check out.
5 Dymlyama In Cauldron

Dymlyama In Cauldron

The word 'dymlyama' originated from an Uzbek word meaning 'to steam/stew'. What is the best thing for steaming/stewing? It is a good old cast-iron cauldron soaked through with
mouth-watering smells of the food cooked in. So, to make dymlyama you will need some lamb, fat tail, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet pepper, spices, eggplant and cabbage leaves.
4 Abandoned Mansion Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo In Moscow

Abandoned Mansion Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo In Moscow

Check out photographs of this abandoned monument of
architecture, Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Mansion.

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