7 Water For Cosmonauts

Water For Cosmonauts

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The Soviet Union’s striving for being the first in everything let the country go down in history as the leader in space exploration. It created laboratory complexes which although became outdated are still fit for use. However, many of them will never make it until modernization. This report is about one of such labs, still alive but doomed for “extinction”.

In order not to deliver tons of water to space stations, they equipped it with special filtering devices processing cosmonauts’ urine and water vapor found inside the station to turn them into drinking water. In case one of such devices breaks down, the station features a water reservoir. Let’s see where they make water for it.

They filter water with special silver filters which kill harmful bacteria. Silver-filtered water remains fresh for a long time.

There are a bunch of pipes in the lab.

The system which provides water for cosmonauts is called Rodnik (standing for “spring”).

One of the tanks of the lab.

A vacuum installation.

Another system called U-50 is hidden behind hermetic doors warning about a possibility of an explosion.

This U-50 is out of order.

There are no instructions in the lab on how these devices work.

Behind those hermetic doors.


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7 Responses to “Water For Cosmonauts”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Capitalism kills science.

  2. YJ says:

    Every once and then The United States needs something to happen like this to fill its own scientific community because the domestic Americans usually stay away from the difficult scientific field.

  3. ausGeoff says:

    So Russia is allegedly “the leader in space exploration”?

    Pardon me; I must have been asleep for forty years LOL.

    All this “leading-edge” equipment looks as though it belongs in the kitchen of a 1930s hotel.

  4. CanadianDude says:

    Do you honestly think a leading edge space lab is going to let some livejournal photo bloggers in? They were able to get into this place because the red tape has finally been cut and its being closed. Who knows when it was last actually functioning.

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