14 The Vehicles That Can Reach The Most Hardly Accessible Places On Earth

The Vehicles That Can Reach The Most Hardly Accessible Places On Earth

The city of Ishimbay is called second Baku. In 1930 they started development of the second largest oil field with the first one being developed in Baku. In 1960 Baku occupied the first position in the list of places known for oil extraction in the USSR. And only after a new oil field discovery in Siberia Ishimbay city started losing its former importance. Today we’ll visit the place where one of the Russian great legends that contributed to development of oil and exploration of the North was born.

This is the transport machine building factory located in Ishimbay. After the fall of the USSR the enterprise was about to get closed. Fortunately, we were able to preserve the production.


The video shows what is meant by a unique off-road vehicle.


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14 Responses to “The Vehicles That Can Reach The Most Hardly Accessible Places On Earth”

  1. cockatrice says:

    Better’n a Hummvee any day of the year!

    • Stars says:

      What are you comparing? Tank is also better than an Humvee!

      But, to the case. Machine is amazing, the roughness of the terrain and the fact that it´s so cold out there makes the survivability of this machine so great.

  2. Daniel says:

    There is little doubt that the Russians have a rare genius in the design of tracked vehicles.

  3. Vitjaz says:

    DT-30 Vitjaz is better

  4. jeffrey pigden says:

    With these trucks, the Ice Road Truckers could run all year!

  5. hapciu says:

    Very nice indeed. If the nazis had one of those in ww2……….

  6. Testicules says:

    The design looks very old though. This doesn’t look very modern. It is almost as if it came from the WW2 era. Compare it to more moder tracked vehicles. Engine placement, visibility, and quality, are probably serious issues.

  7. petrohof says:

    just a copy of volvo bv-206 used by the ‘rest’ of the world

    • JJR says:

      Just have a check before writing anything stupid.
      You can’t really compare a toy of 4,500 kg weight with a truck to 30 tonns.
      Then, from wikipedia:
      “Development of the Bv 206 all-terrain articulated tracked carrier began in 1974″
      “In February 1971,first two Vityaz ATVs, designated DT-LP and DT-L,were produced for the State trials”
      Enough said I think.

  8. Justus says:

    Great machine but factory is getting old. Probably difficult to get spare parts in future.

  9. Mercal says:

    Russia can build military equipment, ask a Russian to design shoes and you will receive 2 planks of wood with chiseled out slots for your feet. Ask Russian man to design tank and he will design a work of art.

  10. bloke says:

    the manufacturing stuff on Englishrussia is fascinating. many thanks for putting it up here. And to think people are still dumb enough to under estimate Russia.

  11. Jeremy says:

    I agree with bloke, Russia is still a manufacturing powerhouse with a large population of engineers. They may might not be the powerhouse they used to be, but I wouldn’t want to start a war with them.

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