2 Automatic Telephone Exchange In Kaliningrad

Automatic Telephone Exchange In Kaliningrad

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A call-signaling assembly.

Checking register-senders of the exchange.

The exchange on the inside.

This board has 10 numbers for the transmitting device of the automatic number identifier (ANI) encoded.

Some fragment of the ANI transmitting device.

That green light indicates that one of the subscribers doesn’t hang up the receiver for a long time which increases the wear and tear of the equipment. In this case, they try to contact the subscriber and remind him to hang up the receiver.

On the first floor of the building, you will find a museum launched by a local skilled artisan who collects and repairs the exhibits by himself.

“Reel-to-reel machine TEMB-2M, 1972″.

“Tape recorder Chaika-66, 1966″.

“Mayak-233 stereo”.


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  1. Brighter Bills says:

    The intricacies behind the scenes of an automatic telephone exchange – such an awe-inspiring sight!

  2. Tony says:

    holy shit, they are still running this? wtf?

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