2 Automatic Telephone Exchange In Kaliningrad

Automatic Telephone Exchange In Kaliningrad

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The first generation of the automatic telephone exchange used in Russia was a decade-step exchange. The decade-step exchange was replaced with a crossbar exchange which in its turn was followed by a quasi-electronic exchange and digital exchange.

You are unlikely to find a decade-step exchange today while there are plenty of crossbar exchanges in the country.

So, let us take you to Kaliningrad to show you a crossbar exchange belonging to Rostelecom, Russia’s leading long-distance telephony provider.

There are two crossbar exchanges in the building on the right.

Wires connecting telephone subscribers and the exchange go to the cross room.

A couple of decades ago, these wires were extremely valuable and were used in household universally.

After the cross, the signal reaches the exchange where it gets switched by a device for switching telephone calls.

There are two automatic telephone exchanges in the building, number 45 and 46.

The crosspoint is a device operated by electric magnets.

Test telephones.

The exchange is larger than it seems.

Crossbar exchanges have been introduced in Russia from the 60 till the 80s. Nowadays, they are being replaced with digital exchanges.

A block malfunction light panel.


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  1. Brighter Bills says:

    The intricacies behind the scenes of an automatic telephone exchange – such an awe-inspiring sight!

  2. Tony says:

    holy shit, they are still running this? wtf?

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