6 Abandoned And Forgotten Plants

Abandoned And Forgotten Plants

Posted on February 28, 2012 by

Let’s start our tour of abandoned and forgotten plants of Russia with visiting one of the oldest power machine construction plants in the country.

“Crane; Load-carrying ability: 5 tons”.


“Attention! Danger!”

This is a pulp and paper plant in Kaliningrad. The building has survived WWII to become completely abandoned in the 21st century.





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6 responses to “Abandoned And Forgotten Plants”

  1. marked one says:

    it still got ww2 atmosphere on that pics, great story

  2. 山下智久 says:

    l feel very sad…

  3. SP says:

    Great photos. The overcast day definitely adds to the feeling of the place.

  4. Chadna says:

    Filled with Asbestos

  5. Kent of Sweden says:

    Why is it that no matter how desolate and ruined these old buildings are ther always seems to be a few chairs left behind??

  6. bobs says:

    this is one of the coolest abandonments i have ever seen

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