1 Well-Maintained Bomb Shelter In Belarus

Well-Maintained Bomb Shelter In Belarus

These are photographs taken in another bomb shelter in Belarus. It has electricity and is rather well-maintained in general, considering that the place hasn’t been renovated for the past 30 to 40 years.

The shelter is a rectangular construction with two exits plus one emergency exit in its air well.

One of the largest rooms of the construction is a classroom full of information stands and posters.

“Fighting with fires”.


These posters inform the reader about public protection methods and gas masks.

“First aid kit”.

Another large room is used as a storage.

“Food protection” and “Origin and development of civil defense”.

“Armed forces of the USSR is the Motherland’s solid shield”.

Some instructions.

Protection devices.

Due to the violation of storage conditions, hopcalite bullets rusted and cracked.

These folders are covered with mold.

A bunch of first-aid kits.

Flags and signs.

Cables, individual dosimeters and chemical reconnaissance military equipment.

Dosimeters and syrettes.

A children’s gas mask.

In the restroom.

In the filter and ventilation sector.

There are just a few beds in the bomb shelter and the water reservoir is situated in the main room of the storage sector.

Rubber boots, hard hats and stretchers.

“Documentation”, “Bomb shelter #1″.

Film strips.

Lecture notes on civil defense.

“Civil defense pacemakers”.

A cash register.

The door leading outside.

Location: Belarus

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  1. Mercal says:

    Russia is 1/2 bomb shelters and 1/2 military bases. The rest of Russia is starving with women prostituting themselves.

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