1 Heart-Warming Memories Of Siberia

Heart-Warming Memories Of Siberia

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Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in Tiksi, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). For her, this port city was a world full of magic and discoveries. She remembers the time when she would see no sunshine for weeks but could enjoy northern lights sparkling in the skies. She remembers snowstorms and continuous frosts.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Evgenia ’s family moved to Yakutsk which became a stress for the eight-year old girl used to being surrounded by pink mountains. She then studied in Moscow and New York and finally she returned to her home city.

She came back to Tiksi not to make a report on how little is left after the city she grew up in but to evoke those heart-warming memories and remember that magic she’s been keeping in her mind since childhood. She wanted to make sure that all that was not some fantasy of a little girl but was real.

Christmas carol. January, 2011.

Imitating Jacques-Yves Cousteau. January, 2011.

Nothern lights. January, 2011.

After school. January, 2011.

A cosmonaut. January, 2011.

New Year’s Eve. December, 2010.

Wearing a tutu. January, 2011.

A hill of blueberry ice cream. January, 2011.


Vanya and his sauna. January, 2011.

Weather balloon. January, 2011.

Ship cemetery. January, 2011.


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    This is one hard place to call home.

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