3 Mine Shaft 14, Dnepropetrovsk

Mine Shaft 14, Dnepropetrovsk

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Let’s move to Dnepropetrovsk and check out how its subway construction is going. Last year, they resumed driving increasing the length of underground working by 100 m. Considerening the amount of work done during the last 10 years, it is a lot. But it’s almost nothing in general (they have 4 km more to drive!). In 2011, they mostly worked on mine shaft 14 and that’s where we are going.

This is a construction site for mine shaft 14. In the foreground, you can see a machinery hall.

Mine shaft 14 is marked with a Nokia advertisement installed above the shaft. The mine shaft is 48 m deep. They are going to build Tsentralnaya Station there.

Piles of tubes.

Let’s go inside the machinery hall. There are two reels here, responsible for lowering and rising cages, and other hoisting devices.

A machine operator.

An electric locomotive.

These are bunkers for extracted ground which are used to load it onto dump trucks.

A dumper.

They turn over buckets with ground over the bunker to later load it onto a dump truck.

This is what warm and moist air coming up from the shaft forms there.

The right cage.

It’s foggy down here because it’s freezing outside while it’s +13C underground. Plus humidity is high too. Behind those buckets, you can see a cage winding.

A pitbottom.

Let’s get closer to Tsentralnaya Station.

Mine face

An erector arm tunnel driver.

A Finnish drilling rig is used to drill blast holes.

Another drilling rig and a footway.

Let’s go back to the shaft.

A mucker.


This is how it works.

What’s left after blast holes.

The fog is getting thicker while we are approaching the shaft.

Another bottomhole (near Muzeynaya Station). They suspended works here in 2008. It is flooded with the water from Tsentralnaya Station.

A ventilation connection and a neighboring tunnel.

Another bottomhole.

This water is knee-deep in some places!

Another ventilation connection.

This is the only section so far featuring reinforced concrete finishing.

Unusual tubes.

This is where the pitbottom joins the tunnel of the 2nd track. It is also the only place in the area which is not flooded.

The last bottomhole.

This place features tubes of bigger diameter.

Location: Dnepropetrovsk

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  1. petrohof says:

    by the time it is finished, it will have rusted away to nothing

  2. Osip says:

    100 meters in a single year?? The diggers must have powerful union.

  3. Jordan says:

    Why are they blasting instead of using boring machines?

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