0 Zagorsk Pumped Storage Station

Zagorsk Pumped Storage Station

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Zagorsk Pumped Storage Station is located near Sergiev Posad, Russia. The project was approved in 1974, the first two generators operational in 1987 and the rest by 2000. Zagorsk-2 with a future installed capacity of 840 MW is currently being constructed adjacent to it.

Each pumped storage station is a unique construction which allows preserving energy to supply the power system when necessary. People living in the region have an approximately similar schedule – they wake up in the morning and switch on the lights and their electrical appliances, boil water for morning tea or coffee and this is when the region needs a lot of power. When people go to work, the energy-requirement decreases to rise again then they return home from work.

The storage plant consists of two reservoirs located at different levels and a machinery hall in between.  At night, when people use little electricity, they pump water from the lower reservoir into the upper one. In rush hour, the water returns back to the lower reservoir turning the generators, thus producing electricity.

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Zagorsk-1 has six hydraulic units with an installed capacity of 1,200 MW. It was Russia’s first power plant of that type.

Currently, they are replacing their old control equipment with new microprocessor automated systems.


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