2 Subway Cars Production In Mytishchi, The Moscow Region

Subway Cars Production In Mytishchi, The Moscow Region

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What comes to your mind when you think about the subway? Turnstiles, ticket offices, trains?

Today, we want to take you to Metrowagonmash, an engineering company in Mytishchi, the Moscow Region, to see how they make trains there.

“Avert defects! Not fix them!” “Continuously increasing quality and professionalism!”

Founded in 1897, the company was known as Mitishi Machine-Building Factory which manufactured railcars.

First produce of the company was intended for the Russian North Railway.

Tramways and snowplows for Moscow have been produced since 1903, electric passenger trains since 1929 and metro-cars since 1934.

During World War II, self-propelled guns, military tractors, tracked vehicles and other military material were produced. The plant was partially evacuated to Ural in October 1941, in 1942 the equipment returned back. In 1947, production of dump trucks has started.

The company has later concentrated on production of subway cars, dump trucks and armored tracked vehicles. Recently (in 1999), the plant started manufacturing rail buses as well.

The company’s welding department.

Trains get assembled in a neighboring department.

Here they manufacture and repair subway cars.

Its production process starts here, at the welding department.

Sometimes, human factor plays a greater role than electronics.

It is more reliable but modern companies forget about it.

The company currently manufactures the following subway cars: 81-714.5/717.5, 81-740/741 и 81-760/761.

740/741 subway cars are intended for working outside.

In the same department, you will find these bogies.

Assembly is followed by painting.

They paint their subway cars and stick thier index numbers.

This is going to be the subway car’s “face”.

It takes them about 70 hours to manufacture one car.


After that, the car gets into the hands of people who put finishing touches to the car.

One of those people assembling equipment.

Now, let’s just take a look at how they do it.

Members of the Metrowagonmash team.

There was a time when the company was able to carry out a complete production cycle. With time, they had to pass on some of the work to specialized factories (molding, blacksmithing, thermal treatment).

Location: Mytishchi

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