15 Cats Or Dogs?

Cats Or Dogs?

Dogs and cats have been enemies for ages. A cat that could not stay at home for long in the past is now tamed by people. A dog has always been a loyal friend of a human being. Let us see whether women prefer seeing dogs or cats as their pets.

Anzhelika and Tosya. Anzhelika says that once a sick dog came to their house. It gave birth to a puppy in a few days and died. The girl let the puppy stay in her house and fell in love with that dog who had the same habits with her owner.

Valya and Gray. Gray is a hunting dog and never stays at the same place. He keeps running all the time. By the way, Valya is a reporter and has to visit a lot of places and communicate with many people.

Asemgul and Spanchik. Spanchik doesn’t allow anybody to disturb the girl when she is asleep. People say, he is as kind as his owner.

Galia and Lelik. Galia didn’t want to have a cat at home but her sons wanted it. She warned them that she wouldn’t take care of the cat. But now it is her who feeds and bathes the animal. She also calls the cat her third son.

Ayshat and Boniface. Boniface is very loyal and doesn’t like sharing Ayshat with anybody else.

Laura and Mia. In spite of the fact that Mia is small she is very brave. Laura prefers dogs to cats as dogs are much more loyal.

Lena and Tyomka. The cat likes freedom and never stays at home. But the girl loves the cat and says she will never exchange him for a dog.

Veronika and Motya. Motya is very calm and independent. We celebrate her birthday on February 14 and everybody presents the cat with tasty food. Veronika likes cats more because they don’t require as much attention as dogs.

Julia and Richi. Julia has always wanted to have a dog but her parents were against it. Now she stays alone and can afford having a dog. Richi is very independent just like Julia.

Flera and Miaow. When others go to work, Flera stays at home with the cat. They do all the things together and Flera sings old songs for Miaow. The woman is glad to have a cat as they are not so noisy as dogs.

And what is your choice?

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15 Responses to “Cats Or Dogs?”

  1. ARGENTINO says:


  2. YJ says:

    Some how they do look like their owners.

  3. Joe says:

    Cats rule. Dogs smell, fart and need a training, to behave like a decent animal.

  4. cockatrice says:

    Team Border-Corgi

    • hector says:

      team dog, i have a stray dog, he is so loyal and lovely, bad part: he wakes up at 4 ama to get some food, good part, he is well know for everybody arround my place so it’s not so easy he get lost, also i love cats but mom/gf don’t so, i stick with my dog!

  5. w says:

    Dog owners look dumb. Cat owners look smart.

  6. James says:

    Bathe a cat? I’ve never once bathed my cat in the eight years she’s been with me.

  7. zero says:

    “Cats or Dogs?” Cats. “Dogs and cats have been enemies for ages.” Actually, if a cat and dog grow up together, they will get along.

  8. rostit says:

    Miaow is awesome!!

  9. OldBikr says:

    I like cats and dogs. My cat Grey Lady (a Russian Blue) used to sleep on top of Pepper my husky mix.

    Both of them loved to be outside in cooler weather and they would hang around together in the back yard on the edge of the woods.

  10. Y5K says:

    I prefer dogs. A man with a dog, the master is man. but with a cat? the master is the cat. In fact, cats always keep their owner!!!

  11. Ruben says:

    why there is always asians in russian pictures??

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