3 World Famous Azerbaijani Pomegranate Juice

World Famous Azerbaijani Pomegranate Juice

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Azerbaijan’s trademark is pomegranates and the whole world is aware of it because 98% of produce of the AZNAR Factory goes for export. Today, we are going to visit the two largest canning factories in Azerbaijan, namely AZNAR (Grante) and Gabalinsky Canning Factory (Jale).

The history of Azerbaijan is inseparably linked to the culture of pomegranate cultivation. Traditionally, pomegranates have been cultivated in almost every region of Azerbaijan. The pomegranates growing in the Geokchai District are most often used for juice production.

Geokchai pomegranates have won an international recognition and became a synonym of “true Azerbaijani pomegranates”. The secret of this magnificent taste and guaranteed quality is a unique area microclimate and soil composition, which is not seen anywhere else in the world.

They need 3 kg of pomegranates to make one liter of pomegranate juice. AZNAR produces both bottled juice (up to 15,000 bottles of juice daily) and concentrated juice in aseptic containers to deliver to the customer.

They export their juice to the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. Juice prices vary from $5 to $7 depending on the country.

The AZNAR Factory, an effective modern manufacturing facility, includes the following technological elements:

– Three lines processing raw materials featuring a total output of 20 tons per hour, and groups of equipment for juice processing and ultra-filtration.

– Juice processing and storage line.

– Ascending film evaporator for juice concentrating.

– Line of aseptic filling of concentrated juice in large tare of Aseptic Bags type.

– Two bottling, pasteurization and packing lines.

– Equipment kit for tannin extract production.

– Cooling chambers for concentrated juice (1,100 m2 total).

– Jam and confiture production sector.


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    Production methods are the most health healthy.

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    Hello, My name is Olukola Osunbunmi.I wish to import pomegranate fruits to Nigeria.Which companies do I contact.You may please forward their contacts to me.
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