11 What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan

What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan

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Andijan with a population of about 323,900 people is the fourth-largest city in Uzbekistan and the capital of the Andijan Province. It is located in the east of the country, near the border with Kyrgyzstan on the Andijan-Say River.

Andijan is situated 350 km from Tashkent and when weather is good, it will take you about 5 hours to cover the distance.

This is a hotel on the central street of the city. This street has an unusually large number of drugstores…

And wedding saloons.

On this street, you will even find an Apple store but it was Sunday so it was closed.

“Music recording”. It looks like a popular service here in Andijan.

“4-minute photos”.


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11 Responses to “What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan”

  1. aguest says:

    Why do they call them “filter” cakes?

  2. Murka says:

    Uzbeks call it ‘Non’.
    In russian, it is called ‘Riposhka’.
    First time, I have heard filtercake.

  3. Alex says:

    I’m not sure what a filter cake is but in those pictures its no cake. It’s their tradition flat bred called “lepyoshka” similar to Indian Naan.

  4. mage_blackstone says:

    Difficult life in Uzbekistan.

    • Paul Beck says:

      Who said that is difficult? Everything is fine in Uzbekistan. I’ve travelled there a year ago and I really liked this country.

  5. Ashka says:

    nice pictures anyway, the people are poor, but they seem to enjoy life. and there is something I envy them that is beautiful nature and cleaner environment. I live in Poland, in a city, it’s dirty here and there is too much poverty too…

  6. XXX says:

    DAMN!!! People are NOT poor in ANDIJAN city!

  7. Likova says:

    Hah at the guy washing carrots in the puddle, filled by who knows how many stray dogs urin
    and what not. If I ever visit any region in Uzbekistan, i’ll remember not to buy cont…err “washed” carrots.

  8. Tobbe says:

    Ucell logo looks alot like Telia

    • Antisocialist says:


      It’s owned by TeliaSonera that’s why they have that same stone as their logo and same colour.

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