27 The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945

The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945

In April 1945 the Red Army conducted severe battles in the streets of Berlin conquering the capital of Reich meter by meter. It was obvious who will win the war in Europe. Soon after the siege that lasted 2 weeks was raised, 33-years-old photographer of LIFE magazine William Vandivert arrived to Berlin. We present his photos of Hitler’s bunker and destroyed Berlin that have never been published before.

The center of Berlin saw most severe battles in spring 1945.  Thousands of people died while fighting for the capital including victims among peaceful population that weren’t registered by anybody. Too many people lost their houses. But the end of the Third Reich occurred on 30 April 1945 with the death of two people: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.  (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures).

Vandivert was the first Western photographer who managed to obtain access to the bunker of Hitler. Some photos taken by him were published in LIFE in July 1945 though the most part of these photos has never been published. You look at the photo of one room in the bunker that was burnt by the retreating Germans. Things that were restored were taken by the Red Army men (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures)

The picture of the 16th century was captured by the Germans in Milan. Vandivert had to take photos in the dark using one candle only as there was no light available. His group was the first group that arrived to the place. Others came 40 minutes later (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures).

The first of 20 pages of records made by Vandivert for the magazine. He described every photo, mood and atmosphere in the bunker of Hitler (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures).

Moving along dark corridors with candles, journalists examined the sofa all covered in blood. Vandivert writes that this is the place where Hitler and Eva Braun were shot. Hitler sat in the middle while Eva occupied a bit remote position. Then Hitler fell down. That was half-truth, however. Eva Braun committed a suicide with the help of cyanide and not a gun that is why it was not Eva’s blood on the floor (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures).

Journalists on the photo examine the place where the bodies of Hitler and Broun are believed to be burnt after their death. There were many broken bird boxes in the trees that could have meant a lot to Hitler (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures).

The famous dead head is an emblem of SS hardly visible under the layer of dirt. The floor of the bunker is flooded (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures)

No army in the war history could avoid violence and looting. The Red Army was not an exception (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures)

All famous buildings of Berlin were ruined. In the center of the city one could cover a considerable distance and meet nobody feeling just the odor of death. From August 1940 to March 1945 Soviet and British bomber aircrafts attacked the city for over 350 times. Ten thousands of peaceful inhabitants died (William Vandivert/TIME & LIFE Pictures).


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27 Responses to “The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945”

  1. Will says:

    My Grandad was one of the first British troops into Berlin in 1945. The Chancellery was one of the buildings he looted. As a result I have an impressive collection of Nazi war memrobillia including medals, books, flags and arm bands.

  2. Peter says:

    “Eva Brawn” is a typo. The correct name is “Eva Braun”. Please fix it.

  3. Tiergarten says:

    Russian army raped millions of German women, girls and boys.

    • cockatrice says:

      What you do outbound will come back to haunt you on the incoming wrath. It’s extremely silly to expect otherwise.

    • ayaa says:

      German army raped millions of Russian women, girls and boys.

      • koko says:

        Russian army occupied Baltic states, Russian leaders exiled millions of people to Siberia, injured the national identities inexpressibly.

      • Ricsi says:

        Not true,rape was actually a capital offence in the German military.Most Russians and Ukrainians accepted the Germans over Communism but Hitlers stupid ‘slav sub human’ policy quickly alienated them.

        • ayaa says:

          Oh really? And how exactly would you know that most Russians preferred the Germans?!!

          • jeffrey pigden says:

            A soviet army even surrendered to the Germans in anticipation of rising up against Stalin!

            • ayaa says:

              If you referring to General Vlasov, did that uprising ever come?!! No!

              And you take one incident and make it out to be the norm. During WWII the American forces in Philippines surrendered. By using some of your logic, I can claim that all American ground forces throughout the war surrendered after initial contact with the Japanese.

    • Alskandera says:

      Boys now?! :D
      Oh, please keep your sexual fantasies to yourself. The Russians are traditionalists and do not like homosexuals. By the way, “millions” is a fantasy also.

  4. Stalins Cat says:

    Always good to see photographs of the cowardly Nazis and the lair of said beasts get their/its comeuppance.

  5. historian says:

    s 23.

  6. Paweł says:

    It was Eva Braun, not Brawn!

  7. SatanClause says:

    It’s Eva Braun, not Brawn

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    Germany would have never had this tragedy if they would have become communist in 1919. (Remembering Liebknecht & Luxemburg)…

    • Ricsi says:

      No they would have had a far greater tragedy even sooner thanks to those jew commies.

    • West-Europe says:

      No, indeed. The outcome would be the same, but it would take longer. Just like the Soviet Union rotted from inside out, Germany would have had the same.

      The people would have been suffering for a far longer period of time than the 6 years of war.

  9. Scrat says:

    My wifes great uncle scribbled his name on the Reichstag. Along with a few choice words for Herr Hitler.

  10. Hitlers rise to power was inevitable,even destiny as some would say. But the innocent who perished as a result of his whimsical nature with other peoples lives,ultimately caused the destruction of his nation.

    • West-Europe says:

      It wasnt inevitable, nothing is. The chance that poor Germany in the begin 30’s had chosen a communist leader was just as great as the actual happened scenario.

      If you dont know anything about the history, dont come up with things as destiny. It makes you sound very dimwitted.

  11. alessio215 says:

    Nice archieve, thank you english russia to public them :).
    Anyway germans deserved some hard ass kicking after what they had done. In fact they only received a fraction of the violence that they inflicted to other nations,HERE IS SOMETHING REVIEUWS NEVER TALK ABOUT:Hitler was funded and raised in power by big corporations like Mercedes even Henry Ford was a big sponsor of shitler

  12. Kirby says:

    My step-father was either with Vandivert or in their first. He was US army photographer and had a box of souvenirs brought out. He was the first westerner to visit the eagle’s nest after it had been bombed. it was still guarded by german soldiers; they talked their way through and I have photos of that whole visit. I’m not sure if the photographic christmas cards were taked from the bunker, or the eagle’s nest, but they are remarkably well preserved.

  13. bigmau89 says:

    I wonder, americans make a lot of critics to Nazis and russian… they forget the suffering they caused in latinamerica, el salvador, guatemala, chile , bolivia, etc… they are even worse for me … cause they didn´t even had the balls to say what they were up to… just liers and murderers…. democracy is just an excuse they sell with lies…..no wonder why americans are so loved everywhere in the planet… right?

  14. shane says:

    The russian people won the wwII, If not for them we would have lost.

    • natasza says:

      Please dont give us this shit. Not russians alone won. They would fail if the US didnt open the second front and didn’t send the suppliestu Murmansk. Be accurate commerade.

  15. natasza says:

    Tze GERMANS…not NAZIS. There was a III GERMAN Raich.
    Not the III NAZI Reich !!!!!!!
    Be accurate.

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