4 Soviet Cars That Were Modern Once, Part 2

Soviet Cars That Were Modern Once, Part 2

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Let’s take another tour of the Military-Technical Museum located in Ivanovo Village, the Moscow Region.

GAZ-12-13-14 and two Chaikas, ambulance and camera.

“Museum of military brotherhood”.

Dodge WC 63.

Dodge WC 56.

Dodge WC 10.

These are Dodges WC 52 and WC 54.

Trophy motorcycles.

“Museum of military brotherhood”.

Let’s take another look at Chaikas.

Let’s go outside. Are those pioneers?

Those in love with rarity cars! Meet this Buick and BTR-40! Rent is available but very expensive.

MAZ-7310 АА-60-160-01.

Here you will find a bunch of interesting exhibits – fire-fighting MAZ, tank, cutter, propeller sleigh, self-propelled unit, etc.

These Fords-T appeared here not very long ago.

Fire-fighting Mercedes-Benz L1500 S and Morris Commercial C8.

Horch-901 and Americans Scout car and Halftruck M5 Int.

Fire-fighting Mercedes-Benz L3000 S.

Ford Feuerwehr 798T.

Made in 1947, this car went through all necessary repair works to become the gem of the exposition.

“Museum of military brotherhood”.

MZ-27A and a foam tender.


ZiS-5 PMZ-2 and aerial ladder Metz.

This YaG-6 with a cistern is really rear.

GAZ-67B with an engine-driven pump.

Tow truck Diamond T969A.

Jimmy GMC 353.


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4 Responses to “Soviet Cars That Were Modern Once, Part 2”

  1. Testicules says:

    A lot of cool stuff here. Love the Buick.

  2. jeffrey pigden says:

    The vehicle identified as a Morris Commercial C8 is actually a Morris Quad field gun tow tractor.

  3. yoda svenska says:

    The caption “This YaG-6 with a cistern is really rear.” should be “This YaG-6 with a cistern is really rare.”

    Cool site.

  4. Chad says:

    Those fire engines are cool. Looks like they are in perfect condition.

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