3 Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past

Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past

Final assembly of the carriage.

Later the carriages are placed on brakes.

The carriages packed in the white film are transported to Tver.

The carriage is painted.

The white fiberglass mask is very light.

The inside of the carriage does not look very attractive yet.

Then the train goes to the assembling shop. The very first shop where such trains were produced was numbered 17 and today all shops are assigned a number of three figures tow of which are marked as 17.


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3 Responses to “Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past”

  1. asdfa says:


  2. ChrisSmith says:

    Always nice to see ALCO’s still around. Nice steamer. Correct it should be Inside the Cab or Inside the firebox.

  3. cokoll says:

    where d you see an ALKO steemer? This one is a russian design, being precisely a russian empire design, although it was in production for almost half a century (being cheap and reliable) from 1914 to around 1950. ALKO stemers importen in russia where marked as “E”, not this “reversed “E” – cyrillik letter pronounced as [Yea]

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