3 Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past

Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past

Have you ever witnessed construction of a metro train or seen a real steam engine of the last century? The photos related to the topics are presented in the post.

Metrovagonmash is the leading manufacturer of trains for subways of large cities in the CIS and Eastern European countries. It was founded in 1897 as a carriage works and even used to produce trucks. Today almost all metro trains in Russia are manufactured here.

Metrovagonmash Joint-Stock Company.


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  1. asdfa says:


  2. ChrisSmith says:

    Always nice to see ALCO’s still around. Nice steamer. Correct it should be Inside the Cab or Inside the firebox.

  3. cokoll says:

    where d you see an ALKO steemer? This one is a russian design, being precisely a russian empire design, although it was in production for almost half a century (being cheap and reliable) from 1914 to around 1950. ALKO stemers importen in russia where marked as “E”, not this “reversed “E” – cyrillik letter pronounced as [Yea]

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