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Pure Water Factory

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We all know that you cannot drink water as it is. You should at least boil it or use a filter. However, boiling kills bacteria but does not remove hazardous admixtures and metals water may contain. So, let us show you how they purify water to sell it in stores or for coolers.

A few years ago in Novosibirsk, they built a factory called Pure Water. It is a large production complex that meets all Russian and international standards. Experts of the National Sanitation Foundation carry out annual inspections to assess the water quality, equipment, storing, delivery service, etc.

Today, Pure Water is the largest bottled water factory in Russia and Europe.The complex has its own wells, heating system and power supply.

The clean production department is isolated from the working area with a glass wall. They let a lot of fresh air into the clean production department which prevents outside dust or dirty air from entering the department.

Workers of the company have a medical examination before work on a daily basis. They must wear special uniform, disposable hats and shoe covers. They cannot wear makeup, perfume and accessories.

The factory’s walls, ceiling and flooring are made of materials which are easy to clean and do not absorb substances.


They drilled their first artesian well in 2006.  To pump their water, they use high quality stainless steel pipes.

BIRM filters are used to remove iron and manganese from their water, substances which prevent good digestion and cause infectious diseases. Charcoal filters consisting of coconut peel remove organic and anorganoc compounds, off-smells and off-flavors.


They mineralize their water and ozonize it to kill bacteria and viruses and make it taste fresh.

These 19-liter bottles are made of environmentally safe polycarbonate which does not affect taste, color, smell or composition of their water.

They check and smell each bottle before pouring water into it.

Then these bottles get leak-tested.


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  1. Ben says:

    So much work just to bottle water!

  2. LovesFLSun says:

    My well water in Florida tastes great!!

  3. Mare says:

    “We all know that you cannot drink water as it is. You should at least boil it or use a filter.”

    Dont know where your living, but i can drink fresh clean water from faucet, im from Serbia. Of course water before coming to my home goes through city water treatment system.

  4. DJ says:

    how much does it cost?

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