4 Interrogation By Donald Weber

Interrogation By Donald Weber

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In English, the word ‘interrogation’ has no negative coloring. It has one in Russian though. Donald Weber who had traveled in the post-Soviet countries a lot caught the concept of this word by collecting photo reports about interrogations, and published a book called Interrogation. The author claims that the book is not about Russia or Ukraine. He says it is about primitivism and cruelty inherent in all modern countries in general, including those claiming themselves to be 100% democratic. Their citizens, according to Weber, are aware of their own powerlessness when faced the law. Their fear fades away only when the trial proceedings are over and they are found not guilty.

One of the photographs by Doland Weber became a prize-winner in the photographic competition World Press Photo 2012. (Donald Weber—VII)

It took Donald Weber over seven years to find out methods used by policemen conducting an interrogation. (Donald Weber—VII)

According to numerous surveys, people living in the post-Soviet countries do not believe in what they fought 20 years ago. They believe neither in market relations nor in multiparty democracy. (Donald Weber—VII)

These countries’ system has remained the same despite changes in their ideology and names. (Donald Weber—VII)

Weber believes it happens there and everywhere and it is not the fault of some officials who to abuse their office. (Donald Weber—VII)

(Donald Weber—VII)

(Donald Weber—VII)

(Donald Weber—VII)

(Donald Weber—VII)

(Donald Weber—VII)


(Donald Weber—VII)

(Donald Weber—VII)

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4 responses to “Interrogation By Donald Weber”

  1. Mantigoma says:

    Truly moving pictures.

  2. Domo says:

    No politics on ER! That is everywhere!
    The only Weber I know is a composer.

  3. emre says:

    ohh! I remember ebu garib…

  4. YJ says:

    A lots of Russian comedy show makes fun of this situation in Russia. It’s like everyone involved in a crime is guilty until proving otherwise.

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