4 How To Make Soap At Home

How To Make Soap At Home

Posted on February 21, 2012 by

Making soaps and balms at home has become a popular hobby today. So, we want to show you how to make three different kinds of soap by yourself which will be interesting for both children and adults.

Ingredients: silicone forms, stock soap, oils, essential oils, perfumes, vitamins A and E, crystal menthol, mint, titanium dioxide, colorants, alcohol and chlorophyllin solution.

Take 100 g of stock soap and cut it into pieces.

Then, melt it in microwaves.

Add 10 ml of apricot oil and 5 drops of each vitamin.

Add 5 drops of red colorant…

And 3 drops of your perfume (raspberry would do).

Pour the mix into the form…

And wait until it hardens.

It is a bar of soap already but that’s not what we want.


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4 Responses to “How To Make Soap At Home”

  1. YJ says:

    Looks very delicious.

  2. perristalsis says:

    It’s easier to buy 3 for a dollar soaps at the discount store, no perfume or artificial colorant or questionable ingredients that may cause allegic reactions. I do, however, make my own laundry soap from the leftovers when the bars become too small to be useful, so my wastage is “0”

  3. marked one says:

    its lovely, i wonder about non-toxic making process and final product?

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