4 How To Make Soap At Home

How To Make Soap At Home

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Making soaps and balms at home has become a popular hobby today. So, we want to show you how to make three different kinds of soap by yourself which will be interesting for both children and adults.

Ingredients: silicone forms, stock soap, oils, essential oils, perfumes, vitamins A and E, crystal menthol, mint, titanium dioxide, colorants, alcohol and chlorophyllin solution.

Take 100 g of stock soap and cut it into pieces.

Then, melt it in microwaves.

Add 10 ml of apricot oil and 5 drops of each vitamin.

Add 5 drops of red colorant…

And 3 drops of your perfume (raspberry would do).

Pour the mix into the form…

And wait until it hardens.

It is a bar of soap already but that’s not what we want.

Cut the bar of soap into pieces again.

Like that.

Delute titanium dioxide with water (a pinch of titanium dioxide for a tablespoonful of water).

Mix it up…

To add it into the melted stock soap mixed with the oil, vitamins and perfume.

Pour one third of the mix into the form.

And then put into the form several cubes of the soap you’ve made.

Do the same with the rest of the forms.

Pour some more mix into each form and wait until it hardens to receive raspberry&cream bars of soap .

Let’s make one more soap. It’s going to be with vegetable sponge. What can be better than a bar of soap with vegetable sponge in it? We are also going to add some mint in it so it gives you energy in the morning (no more than 10%, otherwise it will burn your skin).

Take some sea-buckthorn oil.

Heat and dissolve some menthol in it.

Take 200 g of stock soap.

Melt it, add the sea-buckthorn oil and menthol mix and any citrus essential oil you like. Pour the mix you have into a cup with a piece of vegetable sponge and let it harden.

This is what you will receive in the result.

And we keep on experimenting.

Take 200 g of stock soap again and add some titanium dioxide to make it mat.

Pour the mix into a form with the vegetable sponge soap and put it into the fridge. Let’s call the soap Sunny Morning.

Let’s also make a facial scrub with mint and chlorophyllin solution quickly.

Add titanium dioxide into 200 g of stock soap.

Add some mint essential oil…

And a teaspoonful of ground mint.

Then add a teaspoonful of chlorophyllin solution and mix it thoroughly.

Pour the mix into the forms and your mint soap is ready!

So, raspberry&cream soap.

Sunny Morning.

Mint sorbet.

And this is what we made out of the remains we had.

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4 Responses to “How To Make Soap At Home”

  1. YJ says:

    Looks very delicious.

  2. perristalsis says:

    It’s easier to buy 3 for a dollar soaps at the discount store, no perfume or artificial colorant or questionable ingredients that may cause allegic reactions. I do, however, make my own laundry soap from the leftovers when the bars become too small to be useful, so my wastage is “0”

  3. marked one says:

    its lovely, i wonder about non-toxic making process and final product?

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