29 Radar Station Of New Generation

Radar Station Of New Generation

Voronezh-M  modular station of highly compatible structure is intended for usage as part of the missile warning system. The stations will substitute old ones located in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The main aim of the new missile system is to warn about the launch of ballistic missiles in the north-west direction and also send data about cosmic objects to the system of cosmic space control.

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The range of Voronezh-M station is up to 6000 km. It enables considerable increase of target location accuracy and ensures missile navigation and control. It provides simultaneous control of 500 objects. Its cost is over 1,5 billion rubles.


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29 Responses to “Radar Station Of New Generation”

  1. alb says:

    ” The station will replace the Soviet station located in Latvia that was destroyed by local nationalists ”

    “Local nationalists” – seriously?

    Military object of another country. That’s so simple and does not involve nationality issues.

    • BlowME says:

      Oh a foreign radar on national soil, how horrible… What about american ABM systems and radars in different european countries, how is that better..? When it comes to national security, every country should be considered a potential enemy…

  2. Gerry says:

    State-of-the-art(?) radar technology together with 70’s telephone systems! (I guess that the orders to launch the nuclear missiles will come through these ancient phones?)

    • Stefan094 says:

      Now think about why are they using them…

      • Apu Gupta says:

        those old phones are using special soviet-era built secret department of defense intercom that is totally independent from any other civilian phone network (ineternet, cellphone operators etc) and it was built specifically for that purpose. they have direct line to speak with Kremelin and other sensitive defense / military sites.

      • StuPel says:

        Exactly. So many of us in the “prosperous and modern” West don’t understand why old tech is often best tech in a real war. Only the ignorant gloat about this.

    • BlowME says:

      The old tech is much more reliable than modern one… less unneeded functions->less parts->less chance to breack->easier to fix if broken->PROFIT
      This especially needed when you need to be ready to unleash the apocalypse…

    • moo says:

      I have a similar telephone that i use as a back up at home. You know why? Because they don’t break! I bet EMP wont even affect that sucker.

  3. Gerry says:

    I also noticed that they use SunOS (pity they don’t show administrator password on screen), you can take a deep breath, a Windows BSOD won’t start the WW3!

  4. bob denard says:

    why are they disclosing these LCD screenshots ? quite interesting.
    The system running on one of those is quite old for a Solaris machine (US made).

    nice landscape.

    Everything plastic has a an expiry date, gloves, helmets, boots … plastics stiffen and wrinkle and get porous with time.

    I guess the other radar in ukraine was Chernobyl-2.

  5. petrohof says:

    the site has fixed and known coordinates. one cruise missle and gone. ground based radar is a thing of the past.

    • ayaa says:

      What do you think all the Tunguska’s, Buk’s and Pantsir systems are there for? To shoot down birds?!!

    • BlowME says:

      Don’t worry… This radar will even see excriment comming out of someone’s ass 10000 miles away, so it will have enough time to send a nuke that way if needed…

  6. Finlandude says:

    Interesting that they let the press in and let them take pictures and video of the stuff. During the USSR times this would not have happened. :) I guess nowadays it’s the USA that is paranoid and keeping everything secret!

  7. Wladimier says:

    Screen shows a SunOS 5.5.1 from 1996, end of support was in 2005, with a “FILE SYSTEM STATE IN SUPERBLOCK IS WRONG, FIX?” message…

    • Tovarich_Volk says:

      True, even though Solaris 11 most likely wouldn’t be a free download for a government or commercial entity, OpenIndiana or Nextena is.

  8. Leo says:

    “ destryed by local nationalists” – please start to read newspapers – liquidation of that object was financed by USA. Also it is difficult to imagine Russian military object in NATO country.

  9. MikeGreece says:

    There radar catches ballistic missiles too…the missile wont get close to the radar…and believe me Russia has huge radars….they know when a ship or plane in the usa takes off….Russian radars are beeing used to monitor Planet Mars i think that explains everything…. =)

  10. OldBikr says:

    Russia has had to fight off, just about, every tin-horn wanna “rule ze world” dictator that Europe could produce. I don’t blame them for wanting to be watchful.

    Here are a few simple facts for you guyzos.
    1. Concentration Camps were invented for the Boer War by the British. (They wanted diamonds.)
    2. Gas Chambers were invented by the French during the French Revolution. (The same revolution that gave us Napoleon.)
    3. Every major war in the World stated over European politics, including WW1 WW2.
    4. US politics started to go badly after the US involved itself in European politics. (George Washington told the US people to avoid foreign entanglements, they did not listen.)

  11. Sergei says:

    Haters from U.S. are always present in here

    • OldBikr says:

      Were you referring to my response Sergei?

      I did not say I hated anyone in it. I specifically said I understood my Russia had to be on guard, history bears this out.

      I have read a little history and from this I got sort of an understanding about how and why Russia had to get so tough.

      The point I am trying to make is that Europeans have been doing some pretty interesting things to themselves and others all through history and they like to say they are all innocent. One of them is as bad as ALL of them, at different times in history.

      Just saying…

    • OldBikr says:

      Instead of giving out the usual “non-answer” insulting response, why don’t you look up what I said and see if I am wrong.

  12. Stars says:

    Got to love the following statement!

    “The special computer is highly productive and has unlimited capabilities. It consumes 1500 W.”

    Mu computer has an 1000W power supply, does that mean that my computer @ home is has nearly unlimited capabilities? HAH!

  13. Yuri says:

    IF only the US would just stop trying to control the planet and work with other nations to improve life on Earth.

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