6 Heroic Sevastopol By Vladislav Mikosha

Heroic Sevastopol By Vladislav Mikosha

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6 Responses to “Heroic Sevastopol By Vladislav Mikosha”

  1. Daniel says:

    The defense was conducted very heroically. They were eventually overwhelmed, but there is no dishonor. They went down fighting.

  2. CZenda says:

    Some of the war photos seem staged. Interesting detail – the bespectacled man plays German Hohner accordion. “Davay garmoshku!” :D

    • Kent of Sweden says:

      Not totally impossible that they are.
      Some of the most wellknown pics and film-sequences from WW II are not shot “live” simply because it was impossible.
      For instance the raising of the flag on the riechstag in Berlien happened at 10 PM there was not a camera made at that time that could have shot that. It had to be reenacted for the camera the next day. The same with the meeting of the two russian fronts that surrounded the german sixth army in Stalingrad. This also happened at night and had to be reenacted for the cameras later.

  3. jeffrey pigden says:

    I am constantly amazed that someone would go into battle carrying only a camera.

    • Kent of Sweden says:

      Well looking back there has, almost since the invention of the camera (or at least since the camera got small enough to log around and the “film” quick enough to record things that move) been photographers who risked thier lives to bring the rest of us pictures. Remember the pictures of the burning girl or the burning monks of Vietnam or the TV-cameraman who is filming the soldier that lifts his gun and shoots the photographer. This has been the case since the invention of the camera more or less and it lasted up until and including the first US assault on Irak. Since then TV and news-people just sit back and wait for the army’s to hand them pictures or footage. And we have all seen the result of that.

  4. kt315 says:

    Color photographs of streets are not made in Sevastopol. No such buildings in the city.
    The civil airport was opened only in the 90s. Flight into it a little. (One hour drive to the local airport, or 2 hours in a major airport Simferopol)

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